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Drug Rehab Seattle

When you or a loved one is going through issues with substance abuse, there is usually something underlying that is the cause. People entering drug rehab in Seattle, they find that mental health and substance use go hand in hand. If you are dealing with co-occurring disorders, you can learn how to address addiction, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.

There Is a Link Between Mental Health and Substance Use

This is known as a co-occurring disorder when you have a mental health issue like bipolar disorder, anxiety, or depression, and you start abusing drugs or alcohol. Dealing with substance use and co-occurring mental disorders is never easy, and this becomes even more difficult if you are unsure of the best place to turn for help. This is where finding the right drug rehab in Seattle becomes crucial.

Why Seek Co-Occurring Addiction Treatment Centers?

If you have both a mental health issue and problems with substance abuse, you need to seek specialized care. Dual diagnosis addiction treatment dives into the root causes of your compulsivity when it comes to drinking, using drugs, or both. It is essential to know that co-occurring disorders can impact one another. Therefore, whenever a mental health issue goes untreated, the substance use problem usually worsens. As drinking or drug use increases, mental health issues tend to increase as well.

About Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Mental health disorders and substance abuse are intricately linked, yet one will not necessarily cause the other. When someone abuses substances like methamphetamines, it can create psychotic reactions. On the other end, alcohol could make anxiety and depression symptoms worse.

In most situations, drugs and alcohol get used to self-medicate mental health issues symptoms. People will often reach for substances to escape emotions or temporarily switch their moods. The unfortunate truth is that self-medicating can lead to dangerous side effects and substance dependency.

Seek The Help You Need

There is nothing wrong with admitting you have a problem, as this is the first step in getting the help you need. Finding the right team to help with co-occurring disorder treatment will set you up with a solid foundation to get you on track for recovery. This is where we are here to help at Northbound.

Whether you are looking for help or have a loved one in need, we would like to talk with you about the diverse services we offer. At Northbound, we treat a wide range of addiction types, including alcohol and marijuana to inhalants, prescription drugs, and heroin. We are here to listen and understand your mental health symptoms, learn more about the help you seek, and develop a plan to get you started.

Do you want to know more about co-occurring disorder treatment at our drug rehab in Seattle? Contact us today by calling (866) 311-0003, and a team member is happy to address your questions and concerns. Ready to verify your insurance for treatment today? Click here to get started.





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