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Drug Rehab San Diego

When dealing with substance use and co-occurring mental disorders, it is always best to enroll at a rehab facility as soon as possible. But sadly, it can be an uphill task getting the help you need, even when you know that that is the best thing to do. 

However, mental health and substance use issues need professional attention as soon as possible because it negatively affects every aspect of your life. With some rehab facilities, you don’t even need to be physically present as they offer teletherapy. If you need an addiction treatment facility that can effectively cater to a myriad of substances, then contact us at Northbound Treatment Services.

Here are the things that you need to know about us. 

What’s So Special About Northbound Treatment Services

Northbound Treatment Services have an enviable success rate in dual diagnosis addiction treatment. The reason behind our high recovery rates is that we go beyond to provide the best available care for our clients. That is why one of the first things we do at our rehab is to hear and understand each patient to understand what works for them and to provide the kind of care that helps them recover and heal.

Commitment to Full Recovery

We understand that recovery from substance abuse takes time. That is why we have a range of therapies that lays a foundation for you to get full recovery over time. These therapies are designed to assist you in moving from a place of struggling with mental illness to extraordinary long-term health and well-being.

Family-Centered Therapies

Another thing that influences our co-occurring disorder treatment is our understanding that mental health and behavioral disorders can adversely affect the daily lives of families and close friends. There are instances where these issues have been known rend thriving relationships and cause rifts among strongly bonded people.

As one of the leading co-occurring addiction treatment centers in San Diego, the Northbound ethos is about walking hand in hand with clients who struggle with substance abuse and the attendant mental disorders. Our goal is to encourage and support our clients so that they can lead healthy normal lives upon enrolling at our rehab facility.

Although every client has unique addiction treatment needs, we make it a duty to understand them. That way, we can tailor our therapies to manage even the most complex substance issues.

Verify your Insurance for Treatment Today

If you or someone you know needs help with an addiction problem, you should seek professional help ASAP. Our treatment center is the perfect place to start your recovery journey and our doors are always open to everyone. We have a diverse range of safe and supervised drug and alcohol treatment programs on offer, and we always look to individualize our programs to suit patients’ needs.

Our clients testify that we are among the best rehabs in Southern California and you can rest assured we’ll provide top-notch treatment services in a serene environment. Get in touch with us to verify your insurance for treatment, and you’ll be glad you made the decision.





Get the Help YouDeserve.

Regardless of your situation, we will help you in finding your own personalized treatment solutions – whether that’s our program or another – at no cost or obligation to you. Get started and change your life with the simple click of a button.

We are unable at this time to accept Medicare or Medicaid plans. We do offer affordable self-pay and financing options, so reach out and get started on your journey to lasting recovery.