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Drug Detox Seattle

Admission into drug rehab is primarily voluntary because patients realize their health is in great danger and need rehabilitation to help them take the right course of action. Intervention may be necessary if your friends and family think you need help before blindly harming yourself even more.

What Happens When You Check Into Rehab Through An Intervention

Professional Assistance For Mental Health And Substance Use

After the intervention, the first thing you want is to get hold of the professionals who will speedily ensure everything is handled well. They implement a good plan to get rid of the drugs and allow for a faster transition into counseling.

We enroll your loved one into a rehab center and establish a plan that ensures they are comfortable with receiving treatment. We should speak with the patient if they are conscious enough to understand. The goal will be to devise a treatment that allows for more productivity and psychological functioning, so they also feel motivated to stay and continue the following treatment phase.

Here is a summary of the most common steps taken when you get to rehab:

  • Detoxification
  • Substance use and co-occurring mental disorders diagnosis
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • The 12-step facilitation program
  • Emotional therapy
  • Medication treatment management

Engaging The Patient With Technology

The total of your treatment and recovery process depends on how much expertise and resources your loved one interacts with in the healing process. As licensed healthcare professionals, we must install treatment modalities that deliver the best results and eliminate the chances of erroneous treatment. Some of the technology-supported we use for treatment include:

  • EMDR
  • Equine-supported psychotherapy
  • Teletherapy

Our goal is to allow patients with access to technology to receive counseling sessions from any location. This means that individuals should never have trouble keeping up with outpatient care as long as they have maintained their subscription to the treatment package.

Homely Stay

An obvious benefit of getting into a high-quality rehab center is you can feel at home and not as though you are in a hospital. We know that most people dread rehab because it feels like getting locked up in a psych ward, but we promise that our facility is different because it has made all the right changes to make the space feel like a home.

Schedule The Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

Drug detox in Seattle is the beginning of a long treatment schedule where you get to explore many different things in your mind until you find something that works well for you.

Unlike traditional rehab, we have programs with much more flexibility, so you can plan your life as you see fit. One is the residential co-occurring disorder treatment, where you can stay within the facility but still have a job or go to school, allowing you to integrate into society better.


A great way to verify a rehab’s ability to offer excellent services is to hold consultation sessions where you can ask about the intervention process and drug addiction treatment services. Contact us to get started with a consultation from our co-occurring addiction treatment centers.





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