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Detox San Diego

The journey to rehabilitation from substance addiction is one of many phases. When a person decides to embark on this journey, detoxification is the first step usually recommended. While some rehabs offer rehabilitation programs in-house, others require patients to have it done elsewhere before signing up.

But why is detox in San Diego so important? Can you detox yourself at home? And what is detox about anyway? These are the questions answered in this article.

What is Detox?

One of the consequences of extensive use of drugs and alcohol is that it alters the chemistry of the user’s body, making the body incapable of functioning normally without the ingestion of the addictive substance. Put simply, detoxification is the phase of co-occurring disorder treatment in which the body is cleaned up of all the remnants of drugs or alcohol.

Detox in San Diego is supervised by medical experts who monitor patients and provide medication as necessary and monitor them for signs of withdrawal symptoms.

Why is Detox So Important?

A sudden stoppage in the ingestion of addictive substances often triggers what is known as “withdrawal symptoms”. At this point, people may experience a variety of negative bodily reactions such as increased irritability and anger, nausea and vomiting, stomach pains, emotional issues and heart problems.

This is a result of the addictive substances having affected the internal chemical balance of the body, forcing the body to be dependent on the substance.

Furthermore, the psychological and physical impacts of extended substance use make it impossible for any mental health and substance use program to be embarked upon without detox. It is through detox that the body is weaned of its dependence on addictive substances, allowing one to freely continue to progress to dual diagnosis addiction treatment.

Detox helps calm the intense cravings that comes with being starved of drugs or alcohol, making it possible for the patients to participate in therapeutic programs geared at treating substance use and mental disorders.

Can I Just Self-Detox?

The short answer is no. Self-detoxing means that you would have to face the challenge of handling your withdrawal symptoms alone. These reactions are unpredictable and may occur at times of the day when medical assistance may not be readily available. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous especially for people with a history of long drug usage.

Joining co-addiction treatment centers make it possible for you to have access to quality round-the-clock medical supervision.

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