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Breaking free from mental health and substance use problems leads to a positive turnaround in a person’s personal, social and professional life. However, many people struggle with efforts to quit and need professional assistance and guidance to achieve this. A detox center in San Diego provides vital aid that helps people in the first phase of their recovery from addiction. Here are some things you need to know about detox centers.

What is a Detox Center?

Addiction rehabilitation programs are generally geared at helping people deal with the psychological factors that trigger substance use. To effectively undergo this treatment, however, one must be physically healthy. This is why detox is recommended for drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation patients. Detoxification is the removal of all residues of hard drugs and alcohol in a person’s body system in order to give the person the stable health needed for the commencement of rehabilitation.

A sudden stoppage in the consumption of addictive substances often leads to negative health symptoms known as “withdrawal symptoms”. These can range from sweating and stomach pains to heart problems and death. The degree of the severity of withdrawal symptoms differs based on what substances a patient consumed and for how long this addiction took place.

A detox center in San Diego provides medication to help manage these withdrawal symptoms and ease the recovery process.

How Detox Centers Work

Detox centers generally offer two forms of treatment viz the in-patient or residential system and the out-patient option. Under the first, co-occurring addiction treatment centers accommodate the patients in their facility, giving them full and constant medical and psychological support throughout the duration of the program. Outpatients however, are allowed to visit the center periodically from home.

In both forms, medication is provided to help detoxify the patient’s body and medical experts are on hand at all times to handle any withdrawal crises. Importantly, counseling and therapeutic assistance are also rendered to help the patients to jettison their substance use addiction.

Why Choose Northbound?

Northbound is one of the leading institutions in the field of co-occurring disorder treatment. We offer in-house detox services to our clients who are weaned off addictive substances under the guidelines of our experienced experts. Our dual diagnosis addiction treatment programs are designed to address all aspects of our clients’ health—both physical and psychological.

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