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Managing addiction can be challenging, Westwind Recovery strives to make the journey to recovery easy and non-problematic. Our addiction programs are distinct from other programs since we offer superior care to our patients. Additionally, our services are incredibly affordable; we pride ourselves on our devotion to healing. Westwind Recovery uses different treatment methods for other individuals since not everyone makes it to the recovery stage. Our facility is one of the most recommended since it offers intense care for and welcoming services for each individual.

California Drug And Alcohol Detox Center

Usually, the treatment programs at our facility begin with physical detox, which is a hypothetically life-threatening but vital part of the road to recovery. The staff at our facility implement detox routines based on each individual’s needs. Additionally, Westwind Recovery has an inpatient and outpatient option for individuals who may feel the need to progress with their alcohol treatment from the comfort of their homes. Our institution merges several holistic and medicinal treatment options to quickly assist the client in facing the withdrawal stage.

Detoxing the body is a tough decision, which is why our treatment center offers its clients a full support team to prevent the individual from sinking into depression. Westwind Recovery understands that treating alcohol addiction can be tough, especially in the first few months. Hence, commencing treatment in a facility that offers full-time residency is critical. Clients are counseled to sign up for the Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), which enables patients to spend their day in the facility for up to 8 hours and then spend the evening in the comfort of their homes.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of therapy that helps individuals battling the same issue to seek solace in each other through sharing their stories. Group therapy is one of the recommended forms of treatment for people fighting abuse since it provides a safe space for everyone going through the same experience. This type of treatment is categorized into different groups, which all work towards the same goal; helping individuals manage how they view and think about their addiction. The different types of group therapy include;

  • Interpersonal process groups
  • Skill development groups
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Support groups
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy groups
  • Interpersonal therapy

Individual therapy or interpersonal therapy is a face-to-face session with a therapist. It helps alcoholics understand their addiction better while providing a safe space to air their emotions and feelings honestly. Individual therapy sessions often help the client face their fears and cope with any cravings or triggers they may encounter. Usually, this type of therapy allows the therapist to ask personal questions so that they can asses one’s situation and know what advice to give. Below are some of the topics discussed in individual therapy;

  • Recognizing goals
  • Coming up with a plan to achieve any goals set
  • Conversing about triggers
  • Cultivating positive coping mechanisms

Given that addiction impacts the spirit, body, and mind, we employ the best team to help inpatient individuals to battle their obsession with the help of professional individuals. The length of time one is required to stay in Westwind Recovery depends on one’s progress. However, recovery from addiction does not happen immediately and takes time. Just the way addiction progresses over time.


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