Alcohol Treatment San Diego

You’ve recognized that you have a drinking problem and are ready to take action. However, you’re probably wondering what your next move should be: rehab or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). More specifically, you’re debating whether to seek therapy at a drug and alcohol treatment facility or just in the 12 Step program Alcoholics Anonymous rooms.

To be clear, neither option is improper for someone who meets the description of an alcoholic. However, suppose you consume too much alcohol. In that case, particularly if you are addicted to it, both alcohol rehab and a self-help support organization such as AA will provide a better way of life.

Benefits of Drug Rehab

Substance use and co-occurring mental disorders rehab was created to confine the addict to a single location and time for them to detox and heal. By directing their energy, patients can focus their energies on anything they need to recover effectively in a drug-free atmosphere.

This alcohol treatment San Diego provides patients with clear direction and structure for their rehabilitation. Aftercare or outpatient programming is especially beneficial since it offers patients a structured plan for integrating their therapy into their daily life following rehabilitation.

It’s also worth noting that dual diagnosis addiction treatment usually offers detox under the supervision of experienced medical specialists. This is critical when a person is detoxing from a dangerous addiction and need medical assistance to recover healthfully.

Cons of Drug Rehab

When it comes to rehab, one of the most crucial things to remember is insurance. Rehabilitation expenditures are likely to be covered by insurance. However, depending on your past or insurance plan, you may only be approved for a brief rehabilitation period.

Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous

One of the most significant advantages of AA is that it is free and requires no dues. With this approach, the financial burden of treatment is fully alleviated. The expense of treatment is one of the most substantial obstacles to treatment for many people. AA eliminates that barrier by allowing members to attend meetings for free and focus completely on their recovery.

AA is also well-known for its accommodating meeting schedule. They also make it extremely simple to find a meeting near you and connect you to a helpful network. In addition, AA members are encouraged to recognize that “a force larger than themselves” can serve as guidance to their healing. This spiritual connection, which is not religious, frees members from individual accountability and helps them to pursue a holistic approach to healing.

The Cons of AA

AA is an unsanctioned group that assists people in achieving stable and long-term recovery. They are not supervised by licensed experts or therapists. The foundation is based on the idea that “I recovered, so can you.” Although the system has shown to be highly beneficial, AA may not be the best choice if you want further professional treatment for mental health and substance use.

What Option Works Best for You

Whatever road you take, treatment and rehabilitation rely entirely on the individual. It all comes down to what works best for you. This is why we recommend doing your research and asking questions. Determine which option is best for you. If you are battling substance abuse, you must get expert help at co-occurring addiction treatment centers.

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