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Substance abuse and addiction are widespread public health issues affecting individuals, their families, and their communities all across the United States. In California, roughly 8% of residents meet the criteria for drug or alcohol addiction. And yet, only about one-tenth of those struggling with substance abuse seek treatment, such as inpatient residential or outpatient rehab. San Diego County has seen an increase in heroin and methamphetamine use in the last decade, while abuse of opioids, cocaine, and other drugs continues to be a problem[1]. Also, nearly 25% of people in San Diego aged 12 and older report binge drinking at least once in the last 30 days[2].

At Northbound Treatment, we understand that everyone’s path to recovery is unique. Rehabilitation is a highly personal and continuously evolving experience, which is why we’re committed to offering a broad range of flexible, customizable programs, including outpatient (OP) rehab for drugs and alcohol.

Though many people are familiar with residential rehabilitation where patients live at a treatment facility for at least 28 days, OP treatment is a lesser-known — yet just as essential — step in recovery. In an outpatient program, people learn how to stay sober while living at home and adjusting to the realities of day-to-day life.

If you or someone close to you are suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, the team at Northbound wants to hear from you. We welcome San Diego residents to join us for outpatient treatment at one of our Southern California facilities. Find out more about the different types of outpatient programs we offer and what you can expect from treatment at our rehabilitation center.

Northbound Treatment Outpatient Rehab: San Diego

Outpatient rehab is typically the third step in treatment, following inpatient (residential) treatment, which comes after detox. We consider residential rehab to be a fundamental step in achieving long-term sobriety. However, in some mild cases, an outpatient treatment program can be effective on its own.

Whether you’ve already completed residential rehab, want to begin OP treatment directly after detox, or need to refocus on sobriety after a relapse, we encourage you to reach out to us. Northbound Treatment offers an accredited detox program in Orange County. This is where patients rid themselves of the toxins and chemical substances associated with their addiction in a safe, comfortable, and controlled environment. Once you’ve completed detox, you can transfer to either residential rehab at one of our Southern California locations or outpatient rehab, in which case you’d live at home while continuing treatment.

Types of Outpatient Rehab

An outpatient program allows individuals to build on their recovery with continual accountability, guidance, and motivation from their clinical care team and sober peers. To provide flexible rehab services to those living in San Diego, Northbound Treatment is proud to offer a few types of outpatient rehab. This includes intensive outpatient (IOP), outpatient, and telehealth services.

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive outpatient rehab is designed for those who live in a safe, supportive environment and are prepared to live a sober lifestyle outside of a residential treatment center. Before entering into an IOP program, the most important thing is that detox is complete. And while some addicts may want to detox at home, Northbound strongly suggests doing so under clinical supervision if not at a rehabilitation center, as the process can be dangerous for the patient.

According to research published in the peer-reviewed journal Psychiatric Services, IOP programs can be as effective as residential treatment, but it usually depends on the severity of a person’s substance abuse[3].

Northbound Treatment’s IOP programs involve between six and 12 hours of weekly participation. If needed, our intensive outpatient plans incorporate dual diagnosis treatment. In that case, clients will receive care for substance abuse and a co-occurring mental health disorder, such as a trauma disorder, depression, anxiety, codependency, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, or an eating disorder. With flexible schedules and encouragement from your care team and community of peers, you’ll be able to develop strategies to live confidently and sustain a sober lifestyle at home.


Northbound’s outpatient treatment programs in Southern California are less intensive, usually acting as an intermediate step between IOP and ongoing addiction support services. At this stage, clients typically commit between three to six hours a week. Through continued participation, you can work on solidifying your lasting recovery and getting back to a healthy lifestyle.

Our OP programs involve professional guidance, therapy, and motivation through individual and group counseling sessions. Whether you’re struggling with drug addiction or alcohol use disorder, our experienced team of specialists can help you achieve life-long sobriety and happiness.


To accommodate clients living in San Diego who may not be able to commute to our rehab centers, Northbound is proud to offer telehealth outpatient services. Through advances in digital technology and video conferencing, our HomeBound program recreates all aspects of in-person outpatient care.

Northbound Treatment knows how important it is to tailor care to the real-life needs of recovering addicts and support our clients from the comfort of their own homes. Our HomeBound program has been operating since 2016, and our therapists and facilitators are seasoned in providing effective virtual care for substance abuse, addiction, and mental health disorders. You can participate in an IOP, regular OP, or our aftercare support program with Northbound’s telehealth services.

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What to Expect from Outpatient Rehab

Ultimately, outpatient rehab is designed to help individuals gain confidence and develop relapse-prevention skills while living at home[4]. Throughout the recovery process, your Northbound care team will help you return to a “normal” lifestyle and mend relationships with your loved ones.

Northbound’s outpatient treatment programs involve:

  • Between three and 12 weekly participation hours
  • Flexible scheduling with either daytime or evening sessions
  • Group counseling
  • Individual therapy and psychoeducation
  • Ongoing drug testing
  • Psychiatric care if needed
  • Recreational and experiential activities
  • 12-Step engagement

You’ll work with your treatment provider and clinical care team to come up with a personalized schedule that works for your unique needs, situation, and preferences.

Signature Rehab Services in San Diego

Clients enrolled in outpatient rehab at Northbound Treatment have the option to participate in one of our signature services programs. This includes Collegebound® for recovering addicts pursuing postsecondary education and Careerbound® for those transitioning back into the workforce.

We also offer a music program that empowers clients to heal through self-expression, a family program designed to help repair relationships that may have been damaged by a substance use disorder, a trauma-focused program, and a dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) program. You can also participate in Northbound’s LINKS program, which emphasizes Christian-based counseling and implements the role of faith into the recovery process.

Addiction Support Services

Sobriety is a life-long journey, and while an OP program completes the intensive portion, there’s still more work to do. If you’re like a lot of recovering addicts, you might be wondering what comes after outpatient treatment. At Northbound, we’re dedicated to ensuring ongoing success, and we know your recovery doesn’t end as soon as you discharge from a rehabilitation center. That’s why we offer addiction support services, which are part of the full continuum of care.

Northbound Treatment’s addiction support program is a flexible plan developed on an individual basis during a discharge planning consultation. It usually involves shorter counseling sessions, along with ongoing encouragement, accountability, and education. By recognizing that ongoing care is often a crucial component of lifelong sobriety, the goal is to support your independence while helping you readjust to work, school, or other responsibilities.

Northbound Treatment’s Promise

Northbound Treatment promises to offer affordable addiction treatment and compassionate care at all levels, including detox, residential rehab, OP treatment, and aftercare support. Figuring out the right path to recovery can be confusing and overwhelming, but you don’t have to tackle it alone. After an initial assessment, Northbound will work with you to determine the best course of action while taking into account your current situation and responsibilities, as well as where you live. If outpatient treatment is right for you, we’ll tailor a program to align with your needs, schedule, and the level of care you require.

We accept most insurance plans, and there’s a good chance we’re an in-network provider for your policy. Northbound realizes that navigating insurance information can be challenging, and it can make the process of finding a treatment facility stressful. That’s why our insurance specialists and admissions coordinators are prepared to help you sort through the details and explain your options. Fill out our insurance verification form or email us at help@northboundtreatment.com, and a member of our team will get back to you within 12 hours.

There’s no better time than the present to begin treatment. To learn more about our outpatient services in San Diego, call Northbound Treatment at (888) 978-8649.

Paul Alexander is the founder and CEO of Northbound Treatment. He received his Certified Addiction Treatment Specialist training at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA, and was awarded Outstanding Alumni Service Award in 2002. Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology, Law and Society, Summa Cum Laude, from University of California, Irvine, and a Juris Doctorate degree from Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. He believes wholeheartedly in transformational leadership, organizational health and effective, fully integrated substance use disorder treatment.





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