Drug Rehab in Newport Beach

In 2018, there were upwards of 67,000 reported drug overdose deaths in the United States, almost 70% of which involved opioid overdose[1]. Throughout the state of California, there were around 5,000 overdose deaths[1]. Aside from fatalities, the Golden State has seen an uptick in hospitalizations and emergency room visits relating to substance abuse.

Sadly, only a small portion of Californians who meet the criteria for addiction seek help at a drug rehabilitation center. Newport Beach, California is no exception to the public health crisis. Compared to other cities in Orange County, overdoses in Newport Beach are more often caused by abuse of prescription or illicit drugs than alcohol, with an average of over 200 drug-related hospitalizations a year[2]. And throughout Orange County, the rate of overdose fatalities increased by 82% since 2000[2].

Suffice it to say, many individuals, their families, and their communities are impacted by substance use in Newport Beach. Northbound Treatment is committed to helping those struggling with addiction get sober and heal in all aspects of life. Our drug rehab centers in Orange County, including our treatment facility in Newport Beach, offer a full continuum of care. Here’s what you should know about our addiction treatment programs and what to expect from drug rehab.

Northbound Treatment Drug Rehab Center: Newport Beach, CA

For many people suffering from addiction, recovery starts at a drug rehab center. Newport Beach is a gorgeous coastal city in Southern California, and Northbound Treatment is proud to call it home for our facilities. Our treatment facility is surrounded by stunning neighborhoods and beautiful beaches, an inspiring environment that helps our patients overcome their substance abuse problems.

The rehab programs at Northbound Treatment can address addiction to various substances, including benzodiazepines, heroin, opiates, opioids, prescription painkillers, cocaine, meth, prescription stimulants, ecstasy, and other designer drugs. We also treat alcohol use disorder (alcoholism), which often coincides with drug abuse.

Northbound provides a broad range of evidence-based therapies and treatment approaches to support clients in their journeys to get clean, find peace, and heal completely[3]. If you or a loved one is struggling with drug addiction, we encourage you to join us in Newport Beach.

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What to Expect from Drug Rehab

To reduce the risk of relapse and set our clients up for life-long success in achieving sobriety, we usually recommend a full continuum of care for drug treatment. This includes detox, residential rehab, outpatient treatment, and aftercare support. Find a breakdown of each phase of treatment below.

Drug Detox

In most cases, detox (short for detoxification) is the first step in overcoming addiction. The process can be intense and extremely uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. As your body releases chemical substances and toxins from severe drug abuse, you can expect to experience a range of withdrawal symptoms.

While it depends on the type and severity of a person’s drug use, some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability, disorientation, hallucinations, heart palpitations, insomnia, tremors, strong drug cravings, excessive sweating, nausea, vomiting, fever, and other flu-like symptoms.

Though many drug addicts initially want to try to detox at home, Northbound strongly suggests doing so under clinical supervision. Attempting to detox on your own can be unsafe for you and those around you. For instance, as withdrawal gets more and more uncomfortable, it can be hard to focus on eating food and staying hydrated. As a result, extreme dehydration may occur, which is a serious medical concern. Also, the mental turmoil experienced during detox can lead to physical outbursts, putting your loved ones in danger.

Northbound Treatment’s accredited detoxification program is designed to help individuals get through one of the most challenging parts of addiction recovery. You’ll be able to detox from drugs in a safe, secure, and comfortable setting with around-the-clock medical support.

Residential Drug Rehab

After completing detox, clients can transition to residential (or inpatient) drug rehab. At this stage, you’ll have one-on-one counseling sessions where a licensed psychotherapist will help you get to the root of your substance use issues, address your symptoms, identify triggers, and develop skills to minimize the risk of relapse. Additionally, many clients receive dual diagnosis treatment, which addresses substance abuse alongside a co-occurring mental health disorder. Since our philosophy is to prioritize community in all facets of drug treatment, clients also participate in group therapy during residential drug rehab.

Northbound Treatment’s InVivo® rehabilitation program empowers recovering addicts to interact with the natural world in a safe and supportive environment. Your daily schedule may include spending time at the beach, heading to the grocery store, getting together for barbecues, and exercising. Ultimately, InVivo® is a stepping stone to living free of your addiction and building the life you want.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment usually follows the successful completion of a residential rehab program. With OP rehab, clients live at home while continuing to attend both individual and group therapy sessions and participate in recreational activities. Since returning home and resuming “normal” life can be alarming for many in addiction recovery, an outpatient program is often essential for ongoing sobriety.

Northbound Treatment offers a few types of outpatient programs. The first is intensive outpatient (IOP), which typically takes place after discharging from residential rehab and involves up to 12 participation hours a week. The next tier down is non-intensive outpatient (OP) treatment, where clients participate in up to six weekly hours.

We also offer telehealth services to accommodate those who may have a difficult time commuting to outpatient sessions. Our HomeBound program has been operating since 2016, and with advances in video conferencing, we’re able to provide treatment services on par with both intensive and non-intensive care.

Aftercare Support

The road to recovery is long, and it doesn’t end after inpatient or outpatient treatment. Addiction support services are designed to help individuals adjust to life outside of rehab, prevent relapse, and continue to evaluate their progress.

During a discharge consultation, your Northbound care team will assess your needs as a patient and work with you to develop a flexible aftercare plan. While plans vary, they often include individual coaching and therapy, goal setting and follow-ups, drug testing, and online case management to assess your sober living progress.

Our Facilities

At Northbound’s Newport Beach treatment center, clients can participate in gender-responsive drug rehab programs in a safe and secure setting, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the ocean. Our rehab center consists of seven buildings, including our 180 Detox facility, private residential housing for men and women, and our sober living homes with pleasant common areas, music rooms, tranquil gardens, and other shared outdoor spaces.

The heart of our treatment center is a modern clinical facility spanning 23,000 square feet. It has a wellness room with Biosound® Therapy massage chairs, a state-of-the-art gym, and a recording studio. All seven buildings are within walking distance of one another, as well as the beach and the nearby nature preserves.

Checking Into Rehab

The decision to start drug treatment can be overwhelming, to say the least, but Northbound is committed to making it as smooth and comfortable as possible. When you step through the doors of our rehab center, you’ll be greeted right away by our welcoming staff who can help orient you and calm your nerves.

After that, you’ll get a tour of our beautiful facilities while an intake treatment specialist talks to you about our various programs and policies. Next, we’ll get you settled into your room in one of our dorm-style houses, which you’ll likely share with one or more people. Then we’ll introduce you to your dedicated care team and your peers attending rehab at our center.

Our Promise to You

At Northbound Treatment, we’re passionate about helping people from all walks of life overcome drug addiction. Our promise to patients is to provide affordable, high-quality care at all levels. As soon as you enter our facilities, you’ll get the best possible treatment from top-tier physicians, counselors, nurses, and clinicians who all want you to succeed.

We’re an in-network provider for most health insurance plans. If you need help navigating your policy, we can assist with that, too. Fill out our insurance verification form or send us an email at help@northboundtreatment.com, and one of our insurance specialists will get back to you within 12 hours.

Are you or a loved one struggling with drug abuse or addiction? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Northbound Treatment. We’re welcoming new patients every day, and we’d love to have you. Call us at (888) 978-8649 to get started.

Additional Locations We Serve

Northbound Treatment offers the best rehab centers in California. Our programs and recovery centers have been chosen mindfully and nestled within the Orange County region of Southern California. Each program’s location, as well as its facilities, play a role in delivering our specialized form of addiction treatment that distinguishes Northbound’s continuum of care from other providers.





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