Christian Drug Rehab – Orange County, California

There’s a strong Christian community in Orange County, California. Many famous mega-churches call Orange County home, in fact. Including:

  • Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church
  • Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel
  • Mariner’s Church

With how strong the Christian presence is in Orange County, it’s surprising that there aren’t more drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities centered around helping Christian men and women overcome drug addiction. At present, there are surprisingly few inpatient Christ Based addiction treatment centers in Orange County, California. There is Celebrate Recovery – a popular and strong recovery based ministry, but otherwise finding Christ based addiction treatment can be difficult.

The Christian drug rehabs that currently exist in Orange County are often traditional treatment programs with a sprinkling of Christianity worked in, or Christian boot camps with strict rules and “One Step” recovery – which isn’t always the more forgiving or encouraging approach to addiction treatment.

In recognition of the need for truly effective Christ-based addiction treatment, Northbound is developing the LINKS Program – a Christ-based addiction treatment program dedicated to helping Christian individuals recover from drug and/or alcohol addiction. We’ve been developing the LINKS substance abuse treatment program for quite some time now, and we believe we’re creating a Christ-based program that will be of the highest caliber. Groups and initial programming is set to take place during the first week of January, but the staff, programs, and facilities are already in place.

We’re looking forward to the grand opening of Northbound’s LINKS Program and can’t wait to start helping Christian men and women in Orange County get the Christ-centric addition treatment they need.

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