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Rehab programs are critical for helping individuals navigate the realities of alcohol and drug abuse. But the journey to sobriety does not end when you leave a rehab program. Studies have shown that individuals who continue to be involved in substance abuse support groups after their formal addiction treatment have higher success rates and are less likely to relapse.

If you or your loved one is planning your next steps after addiction treatment, speak with your treatment provider to learn how aftercare services can enhance your journey to sustainable sobriety.

I Finished Addiction Treatment. Now What?

For many individuals completing rehab, the prospect of increased freedom and responsibility can feel overwhelming. Aftercare programs allow for support groups and peer-to-peer contact so you can practice skills learned in alcohol or drug treatment and learn how to navigate real-world triggers with the help of peers and addiction specialists.

Life After Rehab

Unfortunately, substance abuse problems don’t disappear while an individual is in treatment for their alcohol or drug addiction! For some, the newly learned coping skills can dissipate when individuals are not surrounded by a community focused on mental wellness and sobriety. This is when relapse occurs.

Aftercare for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

We recommend aftercare programs for individuals who:

  • Have experienced a severe addiction
  • Have relapsed in the paste
  • Suffer from both substance abuse and mental health challenges
  • Are recommended to do so by our mental health services administration team
  • Would benefit from a support network or self-help group
  • Are still learning the basics of self-care and recovery

Aftercare provides a safe environment where individuals can discuss the challenges of sobriety outside of rehab and receive support from others who have experienced similar challenges.

Aftercare Treatment Programs

Our goal at Northbound Treatment Center is to provide you with tools and skills for a fulfilling life after rehab. We provide a wide range of support groups that emphasize accountability, mental health, and peer support to help you or your loved one stay sober, for good.

Support Groups

Attending support groups is a powerful form of aftercare. This type of group encourages accountability and community for those who are experiencing challenges in their journey to recovery from a substance use disorder. We encourage involvement in several different types of support groups, including:

  • 12 Step Programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
  • Relapse prevention groups that focus on a sober life after rehab
  • Outpatient support for alcohol rehab or drug addiction

Sober Living for a Sober Life

Sober living facilities can greatly enhance skills learned during substance use treatment. This is especially true for individuals who do not have a supportive home life, or for family members who continue to use substances when your treatment is complete.

Sober living homes were created to promote accountability as individuals learned to navigate the responsibilities of daily life without falling into the traps of alcohol or drug abuse. Speak with your treatment provider to see if a sober living home could be a beneficial step in your recovery journey.

Work Exchange for a Smart Recovery

At the completion of a treatment program, Northbound offers the opportunity for work exchange so you can help others who abuse alcohol or drugs. Speak with our treatment facility to learn if this type of exchange would be beneficial to you on your lifelong journey to sobriety.

The Benefits of Aftercare Treatment Program

Whether you are looking to improve mental health, build a community, or simply want continued support on your healing journey, aftercare programs can provide tremendous benefits for those who after undergone alcohol or drug rehab.

Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

From mental health to physical health, aftercare programs encourage maintaining the full-body wellness that was learned during the formal addiction treatment.

Accountability to Prevent Drug or Alcohol Use

Research suggests that those involved in a community with accountability at the core are less likely to engage in previous habits, such as drug or alcohol abuse. This type of community is especially beneficial for those who have recently left treatment.

Taking the Next Steps: Aftercare Addiction Treatment

The journey to sobriety does not end when you leave your formal addiction treatment program! In fact, many believe that this is when your journey to recovery truly begins. For those serious about maintaining sobriety and continuing their road to recovery with community and support, aftercare could be the solution you are seeking.

If you have questions about our aftercare programs, or what to expect after leaving your treatment program, reach out! You lifelong recovery is our goal and we can’t wait to help you find success that leads to a happier, and healthier, you.

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