What an eye opener!

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Last updated January 22, 2013

Today the Northbound staff and I took our clients up to the Los Angeles Mission! God uses the Los Angeles Mission as a powerful tool to bring change in lives devastated by substance abuse and poor lifestyle choices. This mission provides for the poor, restores the addicted, and helps eliminate homelessness. This non profit shelter serves 1500 meals a day and houses 185 men per night!  In the heart of skid row, so many different walks of life come to the mission completely destroyed and leave with hope, a purpose and a future. They refuse no one,  they’re all about lending a helping hand. We really need more places like this due to our corrupt society.  It’s one of the best organizations I’ve seen. The dedication and love they have inspired me to want to give back more. By helping others it allows me to get out of my head which keeps me sane. If I’m down and out there is nothing more self gratifying then giving back!

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