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Northbound has set itself apart in the addiction field as an organization that provides exceptional and comprehensive care to its clients. It is committed to supporting clients in achieving one year of sobriety and equipping them with the strategies, resources, and tools necessary to continue in long-term recovery. However, what enables Northbound to accomplish this, is its solid foundation of organizational health.

Staff know that their well-being is a top priority just as much as that of their clients. There is a transparency and authenticity that exists across all levels of the organization. Working for a company that values organizational health can provide many benefits:

  • You’ll feel better about yourself knowing that your opinion and insight matters. Everyone is working together to achieve common goals and these objectives and vision are made clear.
  • You can achieve greater balance between your personal and professional life because the organization values your time. Northbound employees are encouraged to engage in activities that promote better mental and physical health and reduce stress.
  • You can build trusting and respectful relationships with colleagues. From the top down, everyone knows one another and feels comfortable discussing challenges and successes within the organization. Teamwork is used to resolve issues and drive action plans.
  • You’re viewed as person, not just an employee. Many Northbound employees are in recovery themselves and build strong connections with others to enhance their own recovery and well-being. Leadership wants to help individuals grow professionally and personally.
  • You’ll be empowered to make a difference. With positive organizational health, employees know that their voices are heard and their opinion matters. You can find the support, resources, and encouragement you need to know you’re on the right track.

Northbound is able to provide exceptional care for its clients because it starts from the inside. Strong organizational health creates a culture that employees are proud of and where they feel valued and appreciated. Who wouldn’t want to work in such a positive environment and know that they matter?

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