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One of the biggest concerns that many recovering addicts share is learning how to have fun without using. For many of them, this is an unknown concept, as drugs and/or alcohol have always played a predominately important role in their recreational activity, and now that they have become sober, they are unsure of how to have fun anymore. Therefore, it is incredibly important that recovering addicts work towards uncovering what it is that they are truly interested in, so they can begin putting a plan in motion to learn how to enjoy themselves without using. 

Learning how to have fun while sober can be extremely challenging because it is not only about finding new hobbies to engage in, but also about entirely changing one’s lifestyle. The things that used to make an addict tick likely do not do so anymore, making them feel lost in terms of recreational activity. While this feeling is normal, it is not something that a recovering addict can’t overcome. Some tips to help recovering addicts learn how to have fun without using can include:

  • Stay active – Getting out into the world and participating in numerous physical activities is one of the best, most proven ways to have fun without using. This is also an excellent way to transition into a newly sober lifestyle, as being active not only encourages a healthy way of life, but also provides a recovering addict with an outlet for stress related to his or her addiction.
  • Expand social circles – While in recovery, a user is likely to meet numerous new and interesting people who can not only relate to their current situation, but help them through the process as well. Maintaining these friends and fostering additional relationships with other recovering addicts can help an individual steer clear from social circles where using is accepted and practiced.
  • Participate in service – One of the most exciting parts about having fun is when a sense of reward is accomplished through activity. Instead of obtaining that reward from using, recovering addicts can participate in service that will not only help give back to others in similar situations, but also provide that sense of reward that they used to crave from using. Not only will participating in service help a recovering addict have fun, but it will also help him or her prevent a relapse in the future.

Staying active, expanding social circles and participating in service are all excellent ways to begin learning how to have fun while being sober. By doing these things, recovering addicts can not only start adjusting their recreational activity to their newly sober lifestyle, but can also work towards preventing a relapse by devoting themselves fully to the activities that they begin participating in as a sober individual.

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