The highest point in my life so far!

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Last updated December 11, 2012

Still on cloud 9 after being newly engaged we kicked off Thanksgiving week with a BANG! Wednesday night on our way up to see the future in-laws, we stopped in Sacramento to watch the Kings annihilate the Lakers (which was very unfortunate). But I can’t complain, sitting court-side, my lovely lady in arm and enjoying the company of her family really made for a memorable evening. Thursday morning I woke up well rested and ready to take down a turkey. (Which I did)!! By noon, I was all cleaned up and dapper to a T for Ashley’s families annual Thanksgiving feast. While enjoying football and appetizers before we dined there was a wonderful toast to a happy marriage! What way to start off this new adventure.


Just 3 years ago I was sitting in the grey bar hotel aka( jail )never thinking I’d be where I’m at today. The unfathomable is now fathomable through staying clean and sober. It’s amazing what you get when you give sobriety a chance to work!

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