The Benefits of Sober Living After Treatment

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Last updated April 27, 2013

Even though treatment is enough for many individuals looking to recover from addiction, some others might require additional care for an extended period of time after their stay in treatment. Sober living is an excellent resource for those individuals who need just a little more time before heading back out into the real world, as this type of care often includes a highly structured environment, communal living and continued drug testing that helps encourage overall sobriety. This resource is often hugely beneficial for those who are engaged in it, and can produce a wide variety of positive results, which can include the following:

  • Development of a schedule – One of the most important things that a recovering individual can focus on is developing a set schedule that they can follow to help keep them on track with their sobriety. Coming off of a long bout with addiction, individuals require this kind of structure to not only keep them busy, but to also help them remain focused on staying sober.
  • Stronger focus on sobriety – Going from treatment to the real world is an easier transition for some, however others need more time before making the jump. Sober living can provide this cushion through helping them develop a stronger focus on their sobriety. This focus can come from continued meetings, therapy sessions and more, all of which can help an individual remain dedicated to their sobriety long after they complete their sober living program.
  • Preparation for transition – Sober living can provide an individual with the resources needed to make a successful transition into everyday life. In this type of program, individuals can get continued therapeutic care as well as utilize resources that help them address outstanding issues that they might have left before entering treatment, help them find employment, and get them reconnected with a support system that will encourage their continual sobriety.
  • Extend support system – While most individuals reestablish many of their relationships during their initial treatment process, they can gain an extended support system through the sober living program. Here, they are able to connect with individuals who have gone through similar issues who can help them stay sober and vice versa.

Sober living can not only help individuals looking for extended care extend their support system, prepare for their transition back into every day life, develop a stronger focus on sobriety and learn how to stick to a schedule, but it also allows them to reinforce their learned coping skills in an environment that promotes their continued sobriety.

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