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The 12 Step program has long been considered one of the most effective and transformational forms of therapy for individuals who are attempting to recover from addiction and substance abuse problems. Not only does the 12 Step program provide individuals with the strength needed to overcome their addictive struggles, but it also helps support the foundation on which Christian substance abusers have previously based their lives on.

Substance abuse can change a person so much that he or she loses themselves entirely during his or her period of abuse. However, one of the greatest benefits about a 12 step rehab program is that it can help Christians regain their connection to religion during rehab treatment.

The Benefits of a Christian 12 Step Rehab Program Orange County, CA

Not only does a 12 Step addiction treatment program in Orange County, CA help Christian men and women regain their footing in terms of their religious beliefs, but it also helps learn to live a life of sobriety. Some of the most beneficial aspects of a Christian drug rehab treatment program include:

Admitting powerlessness

The first step of the 12-Step program is to admit powerlessness. This is often the most important aspect of the program for Christians, as it helps them once again acknowledge that there is a power greater than themselves. They are no longer able to personally manage their substance abuse and must develop new skills to overcome the challenges ahead of them.

Making amends

Finding forgiveness in God or a higher power is one of the most defining aspects of Christianity. Christians attending a substance abuse treatment center in Orange County, CA can begin working with others to make their amends, all while reestablishing their connection to God by asking humbly for forgiveness.

Taking personal inventory

Through the utilization of religious readings and studies, a recovering individual can begin reconnecting to his or her belief system and utilizing it to help them progress in their recovery. Christian-based addiction treatment will help these individuals learn to take control of their health while re-developing a connection to faith, hope, and spirituality.

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Christians who have lost their way as a result of substance abuse can utilize the substance abuse treatments offer at rehab centers to not only help them reconnect with God or a higher power, but also work on themselves. This can be done by admitting powerlessness, allowing the addiction treatment specialists at their rehab center help them restore faith and hope in a higher power, and work to make amends as a method of both healing themselves and others.

Christian-based drug and alcohol rehab is not only designed to help Christians reconnect with God, but also designed to help those with little or no connection to a higher power establish one of their choosing in an effort to get sober. Christian-oriented addiction treatment programs have long been a go-to resource for both religious and non-denominational individuals, as it produces a number of priceless benefits such as those listed above.

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