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I am super excited about the Super Bowl this year, and not just because I love football, but because we are throwing a big party at Northbound for recovering users from all across the country.

Northbound and I have partnered up with TPAS, an organization that works to keep alumni from all different programs connected with one another as a form of support, to put on this event. Not only will members from our own alumni program attend, but so will people from every corner of the nation. We are expecting about 100 people, many of which are coming in from places as close as Laguna Beach to as far away as Mississippi!

We have invited everyone from the alumni programs that participate in TPAS to come and join us on Super Bowl Sunday. We are going to make a full day of it, and before kick-off, we are even hosting an AA meeting. It’ll be about an hour long, but will help everyone connect with one another. Right after that we will open the doors of our clinical building, where we will be showing the game and hosting a big cookout.

At Northbound, we view this event as being an amazing opportunity for people from all over to get together and share common ground. In addition, it is an excellent medium for us to intertwine our business with other alumni programs and develop partnerships that will work to help improve the lives of others in the future.

I think that above all else, hosting this Super Bowl party is just another sign that today, there are places for recovering users to go where they can be safe and healthy, but still enjoy themselves. For a lot of people, Super Bowl Sunday is all about finding the best bar to go to, or the best party to attend. I think this is even more prevalent amongst younger adults, but the cool thing about our event is that the majority of these alumni are young adults. It is refreshing to see that rather than giving into those social norms, these individuals are coming together to have a good time without drinking or doing drugs.

I am excited for everyone to make their way to Northbound to spend Super Bowl Sunday with us. I truly enjoy expanding our community by inviting them to not just see what we are doing, but to also share their own personal stories, too!

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