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After spending a month prepping for our big Super Bowl Alumni event, I found myself sick early Saturday morning. I had the flu and was in no shape to make it to the event! I was so bummed, especially because I was looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone who would be coming (and I of course wanted to watch the game, which I didn’t really get much of a chance to do because I was so sick). Even though I couldn’t be there, the good news is that the event went off without a hitch!

Not only had we partnered with TPAS, but we also joined forces with St. Joseph’s Health Mission Hospital from Laguna Beach. We ended up having about 50-75 people attend, which while this was not as many people as we would have liked to see, was a major success considering this was our first time doing anything like this. People came through in waves, and it sounded like everyone truly enjoyed meeting one another and making new connections.

We also hosted an AA meeting before kickoff, and it seemed to be a great icebreaker for everyone. From there, all of our guests got to enjoy a cookout and get ready for the big game, and it was really great to hear that so many people had come together and formed their own community. One of our attendees emailed us the day after the event and said:

“My thanks to Northbound for an amazing fun-filled day yesterday! Even though the game was a blowout, the new friends and fellowship made were priceless. Thank you so much for all your hard work and hospitality and look forward to another great collaborative!”

We started out with this idea to bring alumni from programs nationwide together, and this Super Bowl Sunday we were able to do it. We are so excited to see where this venture goes, because there is still so much room for growth. We want to stay consistent and build different events that will continue to connect people. It is amazing to be able to work for Northbound, a company that is cutting edge and willing to get involved in projects such as these. I hope that other facilities start putting together their own initiatives so it becomes a trend that keeps everyone connected, healthy, and sober for many years to come!


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