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I used to think that as long as I made a ton of money, that my life would be perfectly fulfilled (those thoughts were also tied to my time spent drinking and drugging). Now that I have put that part of my life in the past and moved forward, I don’t even remotely feel the same way about money and how it connected to my quality of life. Working at Northbound and getting involved in raising awareness about addiction and recovery is strictly based on my passion to do so. Now, it’s not about the money at all, rather the drive I have to carry out this mission.

Getting hands-on with my clients and diving head first into my own personal recovery at Northbound got me out of self and refocused me on why I am here. I work here because I love it. I never imagined that I would go from being on one side of the tracks to the other.

Now, I often stand in front of our detox facility and catch myself reflecting on my own past. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in detox myself, and I know first hand how difficult that step in recovery can be. When I was in detox, it was so refreshing to have someone take me out for a cup of coffee, or sit outside and enjoy a cigarette with me (which I try not to do now – I’m still trying to quit!). Today, I get to be that person our clients and I couldn’t be more humbled by that.

I wake up now with a new outlook on my life– I am excited to suit up and show up every day. I look at all these people who kill themselves just to make money and spend it, and think of how lucky I am to be doing something different with my life. The last thing I would want for my life now is to get so busy making a living that I forget to live my life.  I am able to love what I do and build a career on it.

Northbound is healthy from the top down, and you can see the dedication and passion in all of its employees every day. I am so happy to say that I am a part of a team that shares in my passion for a sober lifestyle! It is amazing and again, reminds me of how lucky I am to do something I love.

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