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What many would deem the biggest drinking holiday of the year is right around the corner – yes, that would be St. Patrick’s Day.

A holiday that first started out to celebrate Saint Patrick himself, as well as Christianity in Ireland, has quickly turned into a holiday that is centered around beer, beer and more beer.

For those who are recovering alcoholics, this holiday can be incredibly challenging, especially if St. Patrick’s Day is regularly celebrated by those around him or her. While some St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are limited to dinner or going to church, many celebrations occur at bars, brew houses, clubs, and more. It has quickly evolved from a religious celebration to an excuse to get drunk, and for someone who is trying to maintain sobriety, this can be an issue.

Tips on How to Stay Sober on St. Patrick’s Day

The good news is that even if you have grown up celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, you can still do so, even if you are sober. Some of the many ways you can still celebrate but stay sober during this holiday can include:

  • Get creative in the kitchen – Instead of going out to a bar where you know there will be beer galore, invite friends and family over to your house and get creative in the kitchen. Serve up some traditional food such as corned beef and hash, and make fun, non-alcoholic drinks, such as green soda or mint chocolate chip milkshakes.
  • Go to church – If you are going to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, stop by church first. Not only will this holiday be celebrated there, but going to church can also help you stay connected to your spirituality on a day where you might been feeling pressured to drink. Consider it a way to help solidify your sobriety.
  • Prepare an exit – Just because you are sober does not mean that you can’t have fun. If you choose to go to a party or meet up with friends at a bar, be prepared to leave if you are feeling tempted to drink. You can do this by thinking of an excuse that will get you home with little to no questioning, or by making other plans that only allow you to stay at the party for a short period of time.

It is important to find a balance to life when you are sober and trying to stay sober. Just because you do not drink anymore does not mean that you aren’t allowed to have fun or hang out with your friends. All it means is that you have to modify what you do and who you do it with, and prepare yourself to say “no” when you are feeling triggered. By staying connected to therapy and utilizing the support of others, you can create this balance in your life and do so successfully.

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