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Drug use is a substantial problem across the globe and can affect anyone from any walk of life. While substance abuse problems can look different to different individuals, there are signs family members can look out for if they are concerned their loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol.

At Northbound Treatment Center, we are devoted to helping individuals receive addiction treatment that caters directly to their needs. By looking out for the physical, mental, and social signs of a substance use disorder, you are able to help your friend or family member get the treatment they need to overcome addiction – for good.

Physical Signs of Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Physical signs of drug use may be one of the easiest ways to deduce if your loved one has an alcohol or drug problem. These signs may look different depending on the individual and the substance abused, but common physical symptoms include:

  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Dilated Pupils
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Slurred Speech
  • Poor coordination

Drugs and alcohol can have damaging effects on an individual’s physical health, and physical signs are a good indication that an individual can benefit from addiction treatment.

Mental Signs of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

For some individuals suffering from addiction, the mental signs of substance abuse will be more evident than the physical signs. Look for these key characteristics that could indicate illicit drug use or alcohol addiction:

Mood Swings

Mood swings are common withdrawal symptoms for both drugs and alcohol. These moods swings could include a loved one going from elated and overjoyed – to depressive and withdrawn in a short time period. The inverse can also be true with some individuals being short-tempered and reclusive, and quickly becoming chatty and sociable.

Anxiety and Paranoia

For some, demonstrating feelings of anxiety and paranoia could be signs of addiction. These characteristics may be the result of withdrawal symptoms – or a sign of underlying mental health issues that can be treated in co-occurring addiction treatment.

Change in Sleep Patterns

Stimulant drugs and some prescription medications have the tendency to change an individual’s sleep patterns. This can result in a loved one staying awake for long periods of time, or spending more time than usual in bed.

Social Signs of Drug or Alcohol Addiction

The social disruption that addiction can cause may be one of the most damaging effects. These side effects can impact an individual’s family life, relationships, and employment. Key social aspects to be aware of include:

Disconnecting from Friends and Family Members

Distancing oneself from friends and family can be an indicator of drug addiction or alcohol abuse. If you notice your loved one becoming more isolated while experiencing additional signs of addiction, it may be time to seek help.

Missing School or Work

For individuals who are usually diligent in attending work or school, absence can be an indication that a deeper issue is at play. From withdrawal symptoms to strange sleep patterns, there are several reasons why someone struggling with addiction may be unable to tend to their usual responsibilities.

Withdrawing from Usual Interests

Alcohol and drug addiction can be an all-encompassing experience. Those who are struggling may withdraw from their usual interests, hobbies, and commitments.

The Treatment Process for Drug Addiction or Alcohol Abuse

Addiction has the power to disrupt any life, but hope is possible. If you are noticing signs of alcohol or drug addiction in your loved one, it may be time to seek help. At Northbound Treatment Center, it is our priority to help families and those struggling with addiction find the best treatment possible for their unique needs.

If you have questions about the treatment process or would like to speak with one of our addiction specialists about the signs of substance abuse, reach out. We are here to support you while your loved one gets the help they need. Call today.

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