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There are so many times where I look back at where I have been and reflect on how far I have come since. A lot has changed since my darkest days, and my life is so much better now than it ever has been before. In many respects, I owe it to Northbound.

When it came to my recovery, I decided to do what was asked of me. I surrendered, dropped my ego and stopped being selfish. I had made so many strides forward, but I was still apprehensive about what to do after treatment in terms of work. I had a few treatment facilities offer me a job, but a big part of me couldn’t see myself working in treatment. However, through some prior relationships to some staff members at Northbound, I decided to accept a position there. Since then, I have developed a strong gratitude for the program, as well as the people.

When it comes down to it, my problems now are quality problems. Three years ago, I was wondering what lawyer to hire, what treatment I should attend, who would sue me next, what jail I would go to, what relationships I had destroyed, etc. Now, I don’t have those worries on my plate anymore, and much of that is because of the support I have received at Northbound. Today, I like who I am, and my life is good. I have great friends, an amazing wife, I love my job, I can enjoy activities, and can look around and realize that I don’t take anything for granted anymore.

Northbound took a huge chance with me. I didn’t want a job, but my sponsor from AA encouraged me to get one. So, they willingly invited me to join the team, and since I had known some of the staff members, I felt comfortable accepting. Since then, Northbound has embraced me with open arms and truly taken me under their wing.

I now not only view my family as a major part of my recovery, but also the people at Northbound, too. Some co-workers of mine have done nothing but help me grow and stay motivated, as well as encourage me to change the way I think and constantly strive to improve upon myself. Today, I am able to utilize their continued support, as well as things like the 12 Steps to stay sober. I can’t thank Northbound enough for all they have done, and all that they continue to do to for me.

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