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For those who have recently completed addiction treatment, sober living homes provide an effective transitional period to further develop skills learned in substance abuse recovery. Orange County sober living homes, along with sober living across the nation, provide a supportive sober community so you or your loved one can begin to navigate real-world responsibilities with the support of a caring and structured environment.

What are Sober Living Homes?

A sober living house provides a safe living space with daily routines, tasks, chores, and high levels of accountability. Every individual who lives in a sober living home has made a commitment to a sober life and is focused on pursuing recovery.

Sober Living for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Orange County

Many individuals who complete addiction treatment are not yet ready to return to an environment where they suffered their addiction. Our Orange County sober living homes provide accountability, check-ins, and drug testing to ensure that those participating in the program are actively working to maintain sobriety and are taking steps to create productive lives.

Halfway Houses vs. Sober Living

Many people use halfway houses and sober living homes interchangeably, but there is a notable difference! Halfway houses are run by government agencies while sober living homes are generally associated with an addiction treatment center, such as Northbound. We believe it can be beneficial to pursue a sober living house associated with an addiction treatment center due to the continuity of care individuals receive when transitioning from residential programs or outpatient treatment into a sober living environment.

The Benefits of Sober Living on Early Recovery

For those in early recovery, it can be difficult to transition from 24/7 support into an environment with little to no structure. Sober living houses provide this much-needed structure and can help individuals:

Build Community

There is immense power when being surrounded by like-minded individuals with the same goal of pursuing drug or alcohol recovery! Long-term recovery becomes much more obtainable when those around you have similar goals and mindsets.

Develop Sober Living Skills

Many individuals in inpatient treatment centers were introduced to new coping mechanisms and ideas that they had never tried before. Newly sober individuals benefit from the opportunity to practice these skills in a safe environment. An example may be an individual who encounters a triggering situation at work or at school. When they return to their sober living house, they will be surrounded by a caring environment that will encourage them to practice emotional regulation, and enact the strategy that was developed in their residential program.

Experience a Supportive Environment in Orange County

As the old saying goes, “You can’t heal in the environment you got sick!” Orange County sober living provides safe spaces to continue the journey to healing and long-term recovery. Many of those who are pursuing lasting healing may need to reconsider the area they live in and the people they surround themselves with in order to maintain sobriety. A sober living home provides the opportunity to begin creating that new life in a safe place with minimal temptations.

What to Expect from a Sober Living Environment in Southern California

Southern California provides a wide range of sober living homes, all with the intention of helping you stay sober. While each program is different, there are several things you can expect from a sober living home near you:

  1. Maintain responsibilities, and attend school or work
  2. Alcohol-free and drug-free living environments, oftentimes with drug or alcohol testing
  3. Access to therapeutic or health care services
  4. 12 Step treatment programs, including alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous
  5. Staff members who ensure tasks and chores are completed around the home
  6. A warm environment where you will be encouraged to work hard and held accountable for your actions

Pursuing Long term Recovery with Sober Living Homes

Individuals at Northbound Treatment Center come from all over Southern California: from Newport Beach to Huntington Beach and beyond. This is because our sober living home provides a solid foundation for individuals to build their new lives and continue healing. If you or a loved one would like to learn more about what it means to participate in a sober living environment with Northbound Treatment Center, reach out to us at any time. Your continued healing is our priority, and we can’t wait to support you on that journey.

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