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Wendy Galvan joined Northbound on September 2014 as a Detox nurse at 180, a California native Wendy obtained her nursing license in 2012.  Hearing about Northbound from friends Wendy became interested in dual diagnosis and substance abuse.  She has worked alongside the nursing team for the past two years assisting our clients achieve the Northbound mission of celebrating one year of continuous sobriety.  Having only the experience of family members battling with addiction and some personal struggles of her own Wendy has been able to connect and show empathy and compassion to all clients.  Wendy is currently working on her CADAC to gain better understanding and knowledge of the industry and hopes for personal growth. Wendy hopes to continue creating an experience people love and keep growing within the company,  she really feels like she has found her home here at Northbound. Prior to Northbond Wendy worked in Hospice helping patients and family transition through rough stages of their lives. On her free time Wendy likes to spend time with her family and friends and enjoy everything that life has to offer.

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