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Jefferson, who recently celebrated his fourth year of sobriety, originally started at Northbound as an overnight tech before earning lead tech responsibilities at our Virginia property, positioning the foundation for him thrive in the client advocate work he now carries out at Northbound’s One Eighty Detox Center.

Jefferson’s interest in relating to clients, encouraging them and creating an experience they will love is apparent in the way he has become known around Northbound for leading certain interactive games for them and organizing coffee tastings, among other fun events. Jefferson was raised in Texas and is an avid fiction writer who has initiated Northbound’s creative writing program that clients often find rewarding as they learn to reengage their creativity. He has his Bachelor’s in history and a minor in writing from the University of North Texas, and he has CCAR recovery coach certification that he utilizes to help guide Northbound’s mission to assist our clients in celebrating one year of continuous sobriety.

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