NTS Consequences and Rewards

Edited by Living Sober

Last updated October 10, 2008

At NTS Treatment Centers we have developed a Consequences and Rewards system. In Drug and Alcohol Rehab it is difficult to develop creative ways to address behavioral concerns of clients. So, at NTS we have created and elaborate therapeutic system of Consequences and Rewards. Most drug rehab facilities simply take away spending money, discharge clients, or ground clients when they have broken treatment center rules, but at NTS we have created a gradient of ways to constructively discipline clients for breaking rules. Consequences at NTS include things like, writing a 5 page paper on how their behavior is detrimental to their recovery, volunteer hours at a local detox, or spending the day at the NTS Center being of service. Depending on the severity of the behavior or the rule violation, clients are required to attend an Accountability Group where they have to write a therapeutic paper that addresses the dysfunctional thinking and behavior behind the rule infraction. These interventions are meant to aid the clients in their recovery as opposed to simply punish them for rule violations. In addition to the consequences system we have Rewards for clients who are doing well in the NTS program. Every Friday during Peer Group we hand out Phase Upgrades and Reward Certificates to clients who have made significant progress in the program. Rewards are things such as: An afternoon off, an extra weekend pass, or a small gift card. We feel that this Consequences and Rewards system encourages recovery as opposed to discouraging clients in the program.

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