New Years!

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Last updated January 7, 2013

As 2012 was coming to an end  I reflected and looked back at what a wonderful year I had. From the new engagement, amazing job, good health, strong sobriety, powerful connection with my sponsor, great friends and most importantly my loving, caring and will do anything for me family. With a solid foundation and good balance in my life I’ve managed to have another sober year through the overrated holiday, New Years!     (better known as “armature hour”) Although I’m not a fan of New Years I do look forward to my resolutions. This year I will improve myself.  Set goals and learn from my mistakes to have a more prosperous future. I will continue to up my exercise, be more punctual  and quit smoking . I notice when I have these in line I tend to have better days! My plan of action for “exercise” is to have another friend  commit to work out four times a week to hold each other accountable. “Time Management” when I’m feeling burnt out take an hour breather to meditate, call my sponsor or hit a meeting! Utilize my weekly calendar, when booking appointments/meetings give myself more then enough time to get there. Block out time every week to spend with my fiancée, family and friends. Balance is key! Lastly “smoking” this is going to be difficult! I’ve smoked for 10 years and used it as a crutch in my sobriety. I’ve tried chantex,the gum, the patch etc. no luck… Then I thought how’d I quit drinking and drugging….?? God and the 12 steps! I’ve admitted I’m powerless over cigarettes and am sick of it controlling my life. So ill go to any length. I know when I have this in order ill be able to enjoy more of what life has to offer. Keep you posted on my resolutions..

Much love, Happy New Year and God bless!!!

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