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Last updated October 27, 2008

Interventions for drug and alcohol problems are planned therapeutic interventions with trained interventionists. There are a few different methods that people use to do an intervention. Most of them are similar in the sense that they involve confronting the person on their drinking and drug using behavior. The most common method is the Johnson method. Most interventionists will use the Johnson method for interventions. The Johnson intervention method is usually the most effective in getting a person into treatment. The television show Intervention provides a good example of what an intervention is like. Another newer Intervention method is called the ARISE model of intervention. The ARISE method (A Relational Intervention Sequence for Engagement) is designed to help motivate the person into treatment. Either method can be effective in getting the drug addict or alcoholic into treatment. Just remember that the goal of an intervention is to get a person into addiction or alcohol treatment. Make sure that if and when you hire an interventionist that he or she is trained in doing interventions. Northbound has a network of experienced interventionists to help you through the process. If your loved one has a problem with drugs or alcohol and intervention is usually the best and safest way to go. It is better to get advice from a trained interventionist or from one of Northbound’s trained addiction treatment specialists before trying to talk to your loved one on your own. So please call us if you need any help with an intervention. If you need an interventionist or need help with an intervention please feel free to call us at 1-866-247-6520 and we will contact an interventionist for you in your area that can help you.

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