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Making the decision to seek additional treatment for alcoholism is extremely noble, as many individuals struggling with this type of addiction problem often avoid treatment at all costs. However, going to AA meetings can help you stay connected to your sobriety as well as provide you with the continual support you need to fight off cravings and temptations. While AA meetings are often highly beneficial, it is important that you get involved in one that is right for you and fits your specific character needs. This might mean that you have to try out numerous different meetings before finding the best fit for yourself. Some of the many things to consider when doing this can include the following:

  • Demeanor of the group – It is crucial that the overall demeanor of the AA group can positively impact your recovery. You will not see major success if you surround yourself with individuals who are overly depressed, unwilling to participate and constantly dragging down the group. By finding an AA meeting that helps uplift your spirits while providing you with the skills you need to stay sober, you can begin seeing great success in your recovery.
  • Encouragement potential – AA meetings are generally very understanding, however some places are more fixated on getting through the meeting rather than encouraging open expression and positive listening. It is important that you avoid meetings such as these, especially if you want to express yourself or grow as an individual. Finding an AA meeting that encourages this type of personal growth can be incredibly beneficial to your overall sobriety.
  • Educational offerings – Because there are so many AA meetings throughout the country, there are a wide variety of educational offerings that can be both positive or negative. When looking for an AA meeting, you need to do your research about what should be taught in these meetings and compare it to what you are getting out of them while you are there. If you are not receiving the educational backing you need to keep moving forward with your sobriety, you should keep searching for another meeting that can provide this for you.

Looking for the perfect AA meeting can be exhausting, however it can sometimes take some groundwork before obtaining your perfect fit. It is important that you do not get discouraged during this process, as it can become quickly frustrating and might begin making you feel like its not worth it. Therefore, you should plan on going to numerous meetings to weigh your options before you settle with one particular meeting. This can help broaden your options as well as give you the opportunity to get the best, personalized care for your current condition.

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