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When your loved one’s addiction has reached a crisis point and you’re ready to stage an intervention there are some things you should do and some things to avoid. In order to ensure that your message comes through in the most effective way, we’ve outlined some general guidelines for staging a formal intervention.

Before the intervention

First, it is important to seek help from a professional interventionist and addiction expert who can help you decide whether it is appropriate to stage an intervention and help you carry it out. Having the guidance of a professional to keep things on track is important for carrying out an effective intervention.

It is important to gather a small group of people (who are close to the addict and are affected by his or her addiction, excluding children.

Write out and practice what you will say, focusing on being kind and loving and explaining how your loved one’s addiction has affected you. Rehearse the intervention with the group in advance (often done the night before), at least once.

During the intervention

Set boundaries and limits with the addict and be firm. If the addict lives in your home, make it clear that they will no longer be able to live there if they keep using. Be prepared and make arrangements to send the addict to a rehab treatment center immediately, which is the most ideal situation.

If at all possible, don’t do the intervention while your loved one is under the influence. Being sober is the ideal situation so that their judgment is not impaired.

Remember to be loving, but firm. Express your emotions and don’t hold back your tears. It is important for your loved one to see how much their behavior is hurting you and how much you love them.

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