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Back in April, I was invited to the PRISM Awards as a guest and was so incredibly humbled and honored to be able to attend. The PRISM Awards focus on showing recognition for people in the entertainment industry that are working to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction, recovery and treatment, as well as those who are actively raising awareness. I just remember thinking how crazy it was that only a few short years ago, I was showing up wasted for events and not even remembering how they went, and now, I am sober, alert and helping make a difference.

Low and behold, I receive an email a few weeks ago from PRISM asking me to be a part of their honorary committee. I was immediately so honored and my excitement was through the roof! I was so happy that they wanted to engage with me and do more work together, because we are likeminded and share the same motive – to raise awareness about addiction and all it entails.

The email went on to describe some of my responsibilities upon accepting the role. I will be asked to offer advice, continue to participate in the PRISM Awards Ceremony, provide recommendations for developmental activities and see how Northbound and myself can continue to promote PRISM’s message. It’s safe to say that not only will I uphold these responsibilities, but I will also look forward to seeing how many other ways I can help!

It is these kinds of achievements and honors that remind me of something I always say – “there’s no straight line to how I got here.” I have gone through my ups and my downs, but I continue to keep moving forward and am happy to be able to do so. I am constantly reminded that my journey has taken me full circle, and it is a wonderful and welcomed reminder.

I have already started my partnership with PRISM by helping them raise money to give to people the opportunity tosend items up in the Orion Spacecraft. NASA allotted PRISM to do this, and a bunch of people have participated, including myself. The goal is to raise both money and awareness by doing this, and we have already seen success as a result!

I am looking forward to the many different ways I can participate with PRISM as a new honorary committee member! I can only imagine the new and exciting ways we can partner together to help raise awareness that is so incredibly needed at this time.

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