First Step in Alcoholics Anonymous

Edited by Living Sober

Last updated June 18, 2010

The first step in the Alcoholics Anonymous program is considered the most important step in the AA program.  In drug rehab, it is imperative that clients understand the full meaning of this important step.  The first step in AA is “We admitted that we were powerless over alcohol and that our lives had become unmanageable.”  There are many parts to the first step, but the first is admitting we are powerless.  This is the most important concept in AA and is the spark that lights the fire of AA.  The essential problem for the alcoholic is his or her lack of power over alcohol/drugs.  The only way to become powerful over drugs and or alcohol is to become powerless. This seemingly paradoxical concept is the key to humility and recovery.  We must stop fighting to win the fight.

Many people ask me why I have to still go to meetings after 13+ years of sobriety.  I tell them that I have to go to meetings because I have to remember how bad it was.  I must remember that I did not have any control over my drinking.  I must remember that if I take a drink, I will, without doubt, return to my old drinking and using ways.  The further I get away from the AA program the closer I get to a drink.  And for me….to drink again is to die…