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When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, oftentimes, their family members and friends suffer the consequences. An individual struggling with addiction may unintentionally cause harm to family members by lying about their addiction, deceiving others about their behaviors and whereabouts, and more. Substance abuse can even cause the addict to become paranoid or aggressive, and the user may take out these feelings on their unsuspecting family members.

For these reasons, family therapy can provide tremendous healing benefits, not only to help your loved one recover from addiction but also for family members who have strained relationships due to the addiction.

What is Family Therapy?

In family therapy, a family therapist works with those who have been deeply impacted by a loved one’s substance abuse problem. The therapist will give family members the tools and coping mechanisms necessary to begin healing from the wounds caused by addiction. Family therapy provides a supportive environment where family members, along with their loved ones suffering from addiction, can work through difficult experiences, manage stress, learn coping skills, improve communication skills, and establish healthy boundaries.

Both individual therapy and group therapy sessions are available to meet your unique needs and to support the entire family system. The Northbound Family Program in San Diego offers supportive family therapy services, which can help you and your loved ones start to heal, recover, and restore relationships during the addiction treatment process.

When is Family Therapy the Right Choice?

If the alcohol or drug user struggles with mental health issues, including low self-esteem, negative thoughts, or a history of trauma, then it’s important for family members to understand how they can best support their loved one during addiction treatment and recovery. Typically, family therapy comes toward the end of an individual’s time in residential treatment. As the alcohol or drug user prepares to leave residential treatment, it’s important to take the necessary steps to repair the family unit. Family therapy, along with appropriate mental health care, can help minimize the stress that comes with transitioning back into everyday life.

Sometimes, however, families themselves can be a source of stress, especially when family dynamics are unhealthy. In these instances, family dysfunction may often contribute to drug or alcohol abuse, which then exacerbates existing problems within the family. This is especially true in families with a history of addiction issues. In these instances, family therapy might be best during early recovery so that individuals can identify sources of conflict and work together to offer support to the drug or alcohol abuser during treatment.

By working with a trained clinical psychologist who specializes in addiction, family members can learn practical approaches to cope with the stress of having a loved one with a substance abuse problem. In families that are predisposed to addiction issues, it’s especially important to learn the warning signs of addictive behavior. Whether through individual sessions or group therapy, family members can get the support they need.

What are the Benefits of Family Therapy?

Family therapy can help resolve relationship problems caused by a loved one’s substance use disorder. During addiction treatment, the addict must come to terms with the consequences and impact of their substance abuse problem on the people closest to them. This process can be emotionally draining for both the addict and their family members alike. Mental health professionals can work with addicts and their loved ones by addressing trauma, stress, mental illness, and any other issues that impact the functioning of the family unit.

In support groups, family members can learn about the most effective ways to help the person with substance abuse issues while also tending to their own emotional needs. Addiction therapy is just the beginning of an addict’s journey toward lasting recovery. Through counseling, families can start to heal and recover while supporting their loved one who is undergoing addiction therapy.

Finding Family Therapy in San Diego

If your loved one struggles with addiction and you are considering family therapy in San Diego, reach out to Northbound Treatment Center today. We help families get the support they need as their loved ones undergo addiction treatment and recovery. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information about our family therapy services. We’re here to help.

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