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Addiction can be a confusing and frustrating experience for the family of someone with substance use disorder. Struggling to take care of an individual who abuses drugs or alcohol can cause problems and conflict within the family.

Family members may become angry or resentful about having to take care of their loved one who is facing an addiction. This is especially true when family members have to deal with an addict’s erratic behavior, drug cravings, or deceptions about their substance abuse. These feelings can damage relationships within the family, making it harder to offer support and encouragement to the person in need.

If your loved one is seeking drug or alcohol rehabilitation services at Northbound’s addiction treatment center in Orange County, then consider taking advantage of our family services. Family programs provide addiction education while giving families the tools they need to manage stress and repair relationships.

What are Family Programs?

Family programs are designed to support families through their loved one’s addiction recovery process. Northbound Treatment Center offers supportive family therapy services in Orange County. If your loved one is enrolled in an addiction treatment program or receiving outpatient treatment services for their alcohol or drug addiction, your family can benefit from learning more about the ins and outs of the addiction recovery process.

Learn about the Root Causes of Addiction

An important part of healing and recovery is learning about drug and alcohol addiction itself to better understand what your loved one is going through. Families will learn about the root causes of addiction, including environmental factors, mental health issues, genetics, and social stressors, as well as how someone gets addicted to drugs or alcohol in the first place.

Connect with People in Support Groups

In group counseling sessions, families have the opportunity to connect with and learn from addicts as well as other families with loved ones who are struggling with substance abuse. During these sessions, you and your family members can ask questions and learn more about living with addiction while receiving the support and encouragement you need.

Get the Help You Need from Individual Therapy Sessions

In individual therapy sessions, family members can work with trained mental health specialists to learn effective coping mechanisms in addition to practical strategies for stress management. Counseling can also help to repair relationship problems caused by a loved one’s addiction and make it easier to facilitate communication while setting healthy boundaries.

What are the Benefits of Family Programs?

Family therapy can be an important lifeline for those with a loved one who is seeking addiction treatment. In families that are predisposed to addiction issues, it’s especially important to learn the warning signs of addictive behavior. This is especially true for families who may be experiencing other mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, and more. Because mental health issues and addiction tend to go hand in hand, it’s important to make sure that any mental health concerns are diagnosed and treated.

Family therapy can also help resolve relationship problems caused by a loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction. During addiction treatment, the drug or alcohol user must come to terms with the consequences and impact of their substance abuse problem on the people closest to them. Throughout this process, families can learn from trained clinical psychologists while receiving support from a recovery community as they work to repair relationships and move forward.

Addiction therapy is just the beginning for someone who struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. The therapists, doctors, and wellness staff at Northbound will be there for your family every step of the way.

Finding a Family Program Near Orange County

Addiction treatment centers offer a wide variety of support services for the family members of patients enrolled in addiction treatment programs. If your loved one is participating in outpatient treatment programs or residential treatment at Northbound Treatment Center in Orange County, then reach out to learn more about our family services. To make sure your family is supported during this time and to better help your loved one as they work to maintain long-term sobriety, contact us for more information on how family programs can help.

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