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I had an amazing Easter weekend, and hope you did, too!

I spent the holiday with my wife and both of our families, and one of my favorite parts of the weekend was going to church on Sunday. Church is always a good time to reflect, but this weekend, there was just a different vibe in the air – and a good one! I really got a chance to take some personal inventory on where I have been and where I am today, and that got me thinking about how lucky I am to be able to be attending The Prism Awards this week.

For those of you who don’t know, The Prism Awards are an amazing event where actors, actresses, musicians, writers, networks, etc. are honored for their work portraying addiction and mental health issues on Hollywood’s platform of film, TV, music and more. This year marks the 18th annual Prism Awards, and some of last year’s winners included celebrities such as Katey Segal, Demi Lovato, Macklemore and Dr. Drew.

This event stands out to me especially because I have gone through a personal struggle with addiction, and I have been lucky enough to come out of it alive. If I were to go to an event four years ago, I would have been wasted before I even got there and would have to be filled in on what happened the next day. It wasn’t about the big picture for me at that time, but it was more about, ‘how can I make it through this event?’

Now, I am beyond excited to attend The Prism Awards this week. It all goes back to my reflection I had while in church on Easter Sunday. Being able to be alive to do these types of things is nothing short of a blessing, and I am not unaware of that by any means.

I can’t wait to get into a room with people who share a similar passion for addiction, recovery, and raising awareness about this disease. It all seems to come together when you can share your vision with other people and have them not only share it with you, but work with you towards the same cause. I am happy to be able to bring along both Keenan and Paul from Northbound so they can share this experience with me. I’m excited to see who the winners are, and even more excited to fill you in on how the event goes!

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