Learning Life Skills is an Essential Part of Recovery

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Last updated October 10, 2012

Many individuals who have been locked in the grip of an addiction haven’t developed the life skills necessary for healthy functioning. When obtaining drugs or alcohol is a person’s singular focus, it’s not difficult to understand how that could be so.

Learning life skills involves not only the more mundane but necessary aspects of daily life like doing laundry, shopping and budgeting, but also developing the critical thinking and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in relationships and be happy.

Many people turn to drugs or alcohol as a way of masking the pain of dysfunctional relationships or difficulty relating to others. This is why it’s so important that, in addition to drug and alcohol cessation, individuals suffering from addiction be held accountable and have help learning life skills.

Many rehab treatment programs offer transitional living and outpatient programs and experiential therapy to help individuals learn and develop:

• Healthy interaction with others
• Problem solving skills
• Decision making skills
• Critical thinking skills
• Anger and stress management
• Time management skills
• Conflict resolution skills
• Self-esteem

Northbound Treatment Services is an Orange County-based addiction treatment facility focused on the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Our school program includes helping students learning life skills necessary for completing their education. We help students learn how to budget, study, manage their time, and more. For more information about our services, visit our website here.

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