Choosing the Right Treatment Facility – Is Northbound the Right Program for You?

Edited by Living Sober

Last updated June 1, 2012

It’s a common question – every day, we get calls from clients who want to find out whether the Northbound program is a good fit for their situation.  After all, every client has different needs and expectations, and finding the right program is an essential part of the recovery process.  We’ve put together this page to help clients and their families learn how to find the best program for their needs, including some important questions to ask of any treatment facility, including ours.  Clients and their families should feel comfortable with whichever facility they choose, and should look for a program that makes sense in terms of cost, approach and overall philosophy.  Additionally, individualized care and the ability to deal with very specific needs should be guiding principles of whatever facility you choose.  What is most important is that the client and the client’s family receive the support, guidance and care they need to deal with the issues at hand, and help repair the damage that addiction may have created in the client’s life and personal relationships.

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