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Choosing the right drug rehab is an important decision to say the least.  At Northbound we are committed to providing the best quality treatment possible, but not all other drug treatment rehabs are committed to the kind of quality programming and treatment as we are.  Some things to look for when choosing a drug and alcohol treatment facility are: the location, the number of services, the number of program hours in their daily schedule, the amount of staff/client contact, and the basic drug treatment philosophy they adhere to (for example whether they are 12 Step Based or whether they use an entirely Cognitive Behavioral approach). When deciding on a drug rehab treatment, one of the more important things to consider is staff to client ratio. Often the more staff the treatment facility has, the better the diversity of drug and alcohol treatment and the more therapeutic time the clients have with trained professionals. The more qualified staff the treatment facility has, the more expensive the treatment facility will be unfortunately, but remember that choosing the right drug treatment center is not like buying a car. It truly is a life or death issue and you get what you pay for. I am amazed when loved ones of addicts and alcoholics balk at the cost of drug and alcohol rehab when they are driving cars three times the cost of 90 Days of Drug and Alcohol Treatment. I understand their concern.  Often the alcoholic and addict has been lying, cheating, and stealing for years and the trust between children and their parents has been demolished, but remember that there is hope, and the cost of drug rehab is a small price to pay for the life of a loved one. I know my parents would say that the money they spent on treatment was the best money they ever spent.  I know I am more than grateful for the money they spent on drug rehab for me.  If they hadn’t I wouldn’t be here writing this. So when you’re searching for a drug and alcohol rehab for yourself or a loved one, just remember that it could be the most important decision you make.

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