Can you put someone in rehab against their will?

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Last updated April 24, 2013

It can be agonizing to watch a loved one suffer with a drug or alcohol addiction. The feelings of helplessness can be overwhelming, and you may feel compelled to take charge and get the individual into a rehab treatment program.  The reality is that unless the person is suicidal or is a danger to others (e.g. their children), you can’t force them to get help, and it can be difficult to get someone to go into rehab against their will. What you can control, however, is how you choose to interact with the individual. If you have been enabling their behavior in any way, now is the time to stop.

Let your loved one know how their addiction is affecting you and encourage them to get help. Let them know you’ll do everything possible to support them in their recovery.  Getting help is a choice and can’t be forced—an individual must want it for him/herself.

An intervention can be incredibly powerful for encouraging your loved one to get help for their addiction. Being confronted by close family and friends in a loving but firm way is often what it takes to compel an individual to go to rehab. In those moments during an intervention an addict may finally realize just how deeply their addiction is affecting those they love and respect the most.

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