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If you have made the decision to address your drug or alcohol addiction at our facility in Garden Grove, California, then you have made a choice to improve your life and jumpstart your recovery process. There is a lot to love about “The Grove” facility at Northbound Treatment Center, and Southern California as a whole! Here are just a few benefits of receiving residential addiction treatment for substance abuse in Garden Grove:

Addiction Treatment in Beautiful Orange County

It has to be said: Orange County provides one of the most stunning places in the world for addiction treatment with 278 days of sunshine and easy access to sandy beaches and iconic palm trees. While those attending treatment programs are in Garden Grove for much more than just fun in the sun, it can be beneficial to have a warm and beautiful environment to begin your recovery process.

Garden Grove is a particularly friendly and inviting area. Just outside of the busy city center of Los Angeles and an easy drive to Laguna Beach, Long Beach, and Fountain Valley – our treatment programs provide a welcoming and relaxing environment to find healing from substance abuse.

While the atmosphere may be one benefit of the treatment center, our helpful medical personnel, engaging programs, and focus on long-term sobriety are what make “The Grove,” the ideal environment to navigate withdrawal symptoms and drug and alcohol addiction.

Experiential Activities for Physical Mental Health

Because of the gorgeous weather and easy access to the outdoors, our Garden Grove treatment center provides a range of experiential activities that can help individuals manage mental health issues, including depression and anxiety symptoms, while providing new, healthy opportunities to navigate recovery.

These experiential activities include psychoeducational lectures, guided meditation, instructor-led yoga, and more, all of which encourage participants to lean fully into their recovery process and through access to a variety of healing modalities.

Outdoor Programs to Promote Long Term Sobriety

From beach bonfires to alumni barbecues, to a turf padded volleyball court and an on-site gym, we believe in showing participants the joy and fun that is possible outside of drug addiction or alcohol addiction. Our treatment center creates numerous opportunities for individuals to create community, and find activities that can relieve stress, help clear the mind, and promote long-term sobriety through healthy habits development.

As mental health and physical safety are our primary goals, we want to provide activities that awaken the parts of patients that have been hidden due to substance abuse. Fortunately, Orange County and Southern California provide a stunning backdrop for individuals to express themselves and discover life away from substance use.

Counseling, Group Therapy, and Health Services in Our State of the Art Facility

The physical health and mental health of our patients are top priorities at the Garden Grove treatment facility. That’s why we employ health care professionals and addiction specialists who are experts in managing withdrawal symptoms, and other health and mental health issues that arise with substance abuse.

Our facility offers a state-of-the-art healthcare campus, individualized detox, and residential services, and 12-step support groups, all found in our stunning Garden Grove treatment center. The residential rooms are an added bonus of this facility, with each room featuring a full-size mattress and a flat-screen TV.

We believe individuals heal best in an environment where they feel calm, relaxed, and ready to address their substance abuse and mental health issues head-on. For times when patients are not in one of our treatment centers, or part of group enrichment activities, our residential rooms provide a safe place to unwind, relax, and begin to develop an appreciation for the sober life that awaits them.

Combating Drug Addiction in Southern California

Seeking addiction treatment for substance abuse is a big decision and we are grateful that we get to be part of the journey. Whether you are struggling with drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or other mental health concerns, getting the support you need is a critical step towards recovery and a healthy, sober life.

If you have additional questions about our treatment programs or are curious about programs offered at other locations including our partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, outpatient program, and more, reach out to us at any time. From all of us at Northbound Treatment Center, we are so thankful for the chance to serve you in Garden Grove.

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