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From April 2020 to April 2021, there were 100,000 drug overdose deaths in the United States. These numbers show higher rates of overdose from virtually every drug, including opioids, especially the synthetic opioid fentanyl, cocaine, and methamphetamine. While these numbers are worrying, there is hope. San Diego addiction treatment centers are available and able to provide healing and long-term sobriety to those in need.

Addiction Treatment Near San Diego

San Diego, a beautiful oceanside city in Southern California, offers plenty of addiction treatment options, from detox to inpatient and outpatient care. Additionally, patients are drawn to the environment and the locale: San Diego provides a healing atmosphere, with lots of sun and warm weather. Patients also enjoy access to plenty of beaches where they can relax and sunbathe their cares away.

If you know someone struggling with addiction in the San Diego area, it might be time to encourage them to get professional support. If your loved one recognizes the severity of their substance abuse issues and is willing to pursue treatment, then consider researching treatment options in advance so you can help them figure out what options will work best for them.

With numerous treatment options and beautiful weather all year long, San Diego is the perfect place for your loved one to start their journey toward recovery. The sooner your loved one is able to get help for their substance use disorder, the more likely they will be to sustain long term sobriety.

Warning Signs of Substance Abuse

If you know someone struggling with addiction in the San Diego area, it might be time to encourage them to seek help. For someone with substance use disorder, early intervention is critical. Staging an intervention might be the first step in helping your loved one to recognize that they have an addiction problem. 

If you suspect your loved one is struggling with substance addiction, then keep an eye out for some important warning signs. For instance, if you’ve noticed the following, your loved one may be struggling with alcohol or drug abuse:

  • Changes in their routine
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Changes in sleep schedule 
  • Changes in appearance

In an effort to conceal their drug or alcohol addiction, some users might become unusually private or secretive about what they’re doing and where they’re going. In addition to these behavioral changes, addicts tend to exhibit physical symptoms as well, including bloodshot eyes, weight loss, and other symptoms unique to specific drugs, like meth mouth. When these symptoms become evident, it is time to seek help.

What to Expect in Addiction Treatment Near San Diego

Once your loved one makes the decision to pursue drug and alcohol treatment, they are well on their way to a sustainable recovery. Before committing to a specific drug and alcohol treatment program, it’s important to consider your loved one’s needs and to find a program that will address their unique circumstances and design an individualized treatment plan.


First, it’s important to figure out what kind of substance abuse treatment is needed. It is typically best to start with a medical detox program as detoxification is necessary for an addict to taper off the substances they are addicted to and start working toward recovery. Medication assisted treatment is often preferred over quitting substances cold turkey, as there are many uncomfortable and potentially dangerous side effects one can experience during withdrawal. Detoxification is also essential in preventing relapse, since the severe withdrawal symptoms and resulting cravings can be difficult for an addict to handle on their own.

Residential Treatment

After detox, an individual usually pursues residential treatment. Northbound Treatment Center’s residential treatment provides a safe and structured environment where individuals can learn how to live a life free of drugs and alcohol. As patients progress through the program, they gradually regain independence, which can help them to better acclimate to stressors and triggers in the real world while maintaining their long term sobriety.

Other Types of addiction Treatment

Partial hospitalization programs often follow residential treatment. During partial hospitalization, drug and alcohol addicts start to transition back to normal life. While patients are able to live independently, there is still a supportive environment to help guide them through the transition period. Once patients have transitioned into a sober living environment, they are able to live independent lives with regular access to care through aftercare programs.

Choosing a San Diego Addiction Treatment Center

When searching for a San Diego treatment center for your loved one, any credible treatment facility will be staffed by medical professionals and treatment specialists who are trained and experienced with handling addiction. Additionally, an addiction treatment program should also maintain an environment free of drugs and alcohol. Regular drug testing should be required to help patients stay sober.

A Focus on Mental Health

Because mental health issues often exacerbate addiction or increase the likelihood that someone will become addicted to drugs or alcohol, many treatment programs integrate behavioral health services offered by trained mental health professionals. Mental health therapy can help an addict understand how they became addicted to drugs or alcohol in the first place, so ensure your San Diego treatment center maintains a focus on mental health. Many people use substances to self medicate, but individual therapy sessions can help your loved one learn coping mechanisms and strategies for managing stress in healthier and more productive ways.

Alternative Forms of Therapy

Group therapy is often an integral part of both inpatient and outpatient treatment at rehab centers. Support groups can be especially valuable for patients because it helps them recognize that other people also struggle with an alcohol or drug addiction. It can be incredibly affirming for someone with an addiction problem to know that they are not alone and to have a support group that understands their unique experiences, and many San Diego treatment facilities will provide benefits. 

Alongside mental health services, many treatment centers integrate other practices, such as yoga and art therapy, into the addiction recovery process. Addiction patients often report that these practices can help them feel more grounded and in control of their surroundings, which makes it easier for them to resist the urge to abuse substances.

For those who are religious, there are also faith-based addiction treatment options available. In these environments, users might find it helpful to integrate spiritual practices into their treatment to help them overcome their drug or alcohol addiction. 

Helping Your Loved One with Drug or Alcohol Addiction Near San Diego

Taking the first step is often the most difficult part of the journey. As your loved one begins treatment, they’ll be supported and encouraged by a support system that includes a team of medical professionals, other patients pursuing substance abuse treatment, and their friends and family members.

If you have any questions about Northbound Treatment Center’s addiction recovery services in San Diego, reach out for more information. We look forward to helping your loved one on their journey toward a happy, healthy, and sober life, and to discuss how addiction treatment in San Diego can benefit you or your loved one.


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