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Enrolling in an addiction treatment program is often the first step toward a lifelong journey of recovery from addiction. After completion of an addiction recovery program at a treatment center, it can be difficult to go back to regular life filled with responsibilities, freedom, and triggers. For recovering addicts, it can be helpful to explore the alumni programs and aftercare options available in Orange County. These programs can offer a supportive recovery community to lean on as you work to maintain sobriety.

Alumni Program Near Orange County

The Northbound Treatment Alumni Association can help you achieve lasting sobriety by offering assistance and encouragement, even when your formal treatment has come to a close. Knowing that you’re supported by a community of people with similar experiences can be empowering, and the alumni of Northbound Treatment Center are committed to providing you with guidance and advice throughout your journey.

Enjoy the Benefit of Lifelong Friendships

The relationships our patients make during addiction treatment often turn out to be lifelong friendships. It’s important to maintain relationships with others who know what it’s like to have a drug or alcohol problem, as they can often offer relevant guidance or support. These friendships can be lifelines during tough times. For those who are committed to living a life free of alcohol and drugs, having a network of like-minded people within reach can make all the difference.

Stay in Touch and Give Back to the Community

As a member of the alcohol and drug rehab alumni program, you’ll be able to stay in touch with other alumni of addiction treatment programs through a variety of fun local events in Orange County. We offer weekly alumni meetings as well as family therapy for those impacted by substance abuse. We also host monthly adventures where our alumni can strengthen existing friendships or even form new bonds with other recovering addicts. Additionally, our alumni are involved in ongoing volunteer work so they can give back to the Orange County community.

When you join our rehab alumni program, you’ll be able to sustain lifelong friendships with other individuals who are committed to living healthy and sober lives.

Aftercare Programs Near Orange County

Aftercare programs can be especially helpful for recovering addicts. Transitioning from a treatment facility back into real life can be scary, but with the right tools and support, those who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction can prevent relapse and achieve lasting sobriety.

While relapse is an unfortunate reality in addiction recovery, it shouldn’t be viewed as a failure. If and when relapse does happen, it should be an opportunity to learn and do better going forward.

There are a few different types of aftercare program options for recovering addicts. For instance, former alcohol and drug users can participate in 12-step meetings through a local Orange County chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous. Recovering addicts can also work as licensed addiction counselors at Northbound Treatment Center. This can be especially empowering for individuals who want to help and support other addicts through their treatment programs.

Finding Alumni and Aftercare Options Near Orange County

Living a life free of drugs and alcohol takes work and dedication. In combination with our alumni program, Northbound Treatment Center’s aftercare programs in Orange County can provide you with the resources you need to handle stressful situations, continue addressing mental health issues, and manage the desire to use substances. Reach out today for more information.

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