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Addiction rehab is a time when clients focus on making positive changes in their lives – stopping drug and alcohol use, engaging in healthier activities, implementing more structure into their daily routines, building independence, and preventing relapse. It can also be a good time to quit smoking, a habit that often accompanies drug or alcohol use and is itself addicting.

When quitting smoking, individuals experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms from the nicotine. Detox is an integral part of addiction rehab already, so clients will have the support they need to cope with nicotine withdrawal as safely and comfortably as possible while overcoming withdrawal from other substance use. While this can be a challenging process, within a few days or weeks, clients begin feeling better. Also, stopping smoking eliminates the risk of this becoming a replacement behavior to deal with sobriety from drugs or alcohol.

It also reduces risk of developing a variety of other health concerns such as heart disease, stroke, heart attack, COPD, cancer, gum disease, cataracts, and more. Clients can focus on developing a healthier lifestyle that includes eating a well-balanced diet, becoming more physically active, reducing stress, and healing their bodies. Within just a few hours of quitting smoking, health begins to improve. Clients may notice a difference in how they look and feel after a few weeks.

Stopping smoking becomes another goal that clients can successful reach in their recovery journey. Northbound empowers clients with the strategies necessary to make healthier decisions, effectively handle cravings, and build a strong support system to boost accountability and motivation. Treatment plans are personalized to meet each client’s unique needs and goals, so if quitting smoking is something a client wants to accomplish, they can find the guidance and support necessary at Northbound. Recovery is possible and Northbound meets clients where they are at and walks alongside them throughout their journey.

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