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Are you considering a residential drug treatment program? 

If you’re struggling with drug addiction, rest assured that you’re not alone. Today, 1 in 10 Americans report suffering from substance abuse or drug addiction.

Of these individuals, only a small handful will attend a treatment program to help overcome their addiction. Without a treatment program, the individual suffering is far more likely to relapse. 

With a treatment program, the individual can fully immerse themselves in the recovery process. They have access to constant support and guidance as well as structured programs and addiction specialists. This type of sober living environment is exactly what a recovering addict needs in order to succeed. 

If you live in or near LA, you’re going to want to read this. We’re uncovering the ten best reasons to choose a local rehab facility here in LA. 

1. Less Alienation

Let’s be honest, attending a drug treatment program for the first time can be intimidating.

Many patients naturally begin to feel lonely and crave the companionship of their loved ones back home. When this occurs, it may be challenging for patients to focus their full energy on their recovery.

With a local treatment program, patients don’t have to feel so alienated from their life back home. Without this sense of alienation and loneliness, patients are better able to focus on their journey toward sobriety. 

2. Familiarity 

For a patient attending a treatment program, it can sometimes feel like their world is spinning out of control. 

Suddenly, that individual is now committing to an entirely new life with an entirely new crowd of people. This can be incredibly overwhelming to many patients that are already experiencing the anxiety and irritation that follows quitting their substance. 

In attending a treatment program close to home, that individual has a sense of familiarity in their surroundings. In a world that feels so new, many find comfort in remaining in a familiar environment. 

3. Family Support

Attending a local rehab facility is especially beneficial to patients who have families. 

While treatment programs continue to provide support to their patients, many patients also strongly require the support of their family. If desired, this allows family visitation to be more frequent and a more significant aspect of the recovery process. 

Some patients find that having their family members involved throughout the recovery process makes the transition back into their normal life easier. 

4. Family Therapy 

Similarly, having family members in close proximity allows for the possibility of family therapy. 

This type of therapy has become increasingly popular and significant for patients in the recovery process. In overcoming their addiction, many patients feel the need to rebuild trust and fix their relationships with family members. 

5. Natural Environment 

In an environment such as LA, it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place in the world to recover. 

Not only is the natural environment in LA visually stunning, but it’s also incredibly inspiring. For those in LA, this inspiration becomes a significant aspect of one’s recovery journey. 

Here, patients can take advantage of the natural environment by visiting local beaches, surfing, hiking and exploring national parks. This nature-themed aspect of recovery has proven to be incredibly beneficial to many. 

6. Learn How to be Sober in Your Local Environment  

For many patients striving towards recovery, it’s important to learn how to be sober in your home environment. 

In the past, some patients have had trouble transitioning their newfound sobriety to their home environment. For many, their treatment environment and their home environment simply feel too different. When this happens, many will struggle to practice their sober living in their home environment. 

7. Building Relationships

Throughout one’s time at a treatment program, that individual is going to build incredibly strong relationships. 

After all, each person is surrounded by like-minded people that are all striving toward one common goal. While the friendship in recovery is beneficial, it’s the friendship that takes place after recovery that becomes the most important. 

In attending a local treatment program, patients are likely to build relationships with other patients that are also local. This helps to create friendships that are long-lasting and will continue post-treatment. 

8. Inspiring Climate 

In terms of weather, LA benefits from a year-round mild-to-hot climate. 

This warm weather allows for nature and the outdoors to be an important aspect of the recovery process. Not only is this useful in removing patients from an indoor setting and electronics, but it can also help to boost one’s mood. 

Many healing and recovery programs have long recognized the many healing qualities of nature. In fact, a recent study found that attendees of a nature-based treatment reported lower levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. With an enhanced mood, patients are better equipped to battle their addiction. 

9. Saving Money

At the end of the day, attending a treatment program close to home helps to save a significant amount of money. 

With a faraway treatment program, patients must pay for transportation and potential airfare. At the same time, any family members or loved ones that choose to visit will also have to pay these costs. For those with an insurance plan, some plans will only help to cover the costs of local facilities. 

10. Aftercare 

Once a patient has completed their treatment program, they will begin the transition into the next phase.

For some, this will be an outpatient treatment program by which that patient returns home. Others may transition into an alternate program that combines inpatient and outpatient care. 

Either way, the aftercare process is a vital aspect of recovery. Being so close to home allows the patient to stay connected to their aftercare program. When separated by such distance, the patient may begin to feel disconnected to their aftercare program. 

Attending a Residential Drug Treatment Program

If you’re suffering from drug addiction, the best decision that you can make is to invest in your recovery. 

While making the choice to attend a residential drug treatment program is certainly not easy, it’s essential to get your life back on track. Here, you will have access to a number of trained professionals who dedicate their lives to helping others overcome addiction.

If you’re living in or near LA, why not consider staying close to home for your recovery? 

While some prefer to travel far, many find comfort in attending a more local treatment program. In doing so, the individual is likely to face less alienation, recover in an inspiring natural setting and learn how to be sober in their home environment. 

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