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What Northbound offers is a long-term solution. There is a huge difference between physical abstinence and living in recovery. The Northbound alumni are made up of people in recovery who are emotionally balanced and spiritually fit. We help people find that enlightened state.” — Northbound CEO Paul Alexander

The Northbound Treatment Alumni Association is a vibrant organization created to maintain a bridge between Northbound, its alumni, and their families. When participating in a treatment program like Northbound, you formulate a life in recovery while constantly supported by your clinical team and peers. They offer guidance and advice, friendship and empathy. They become your family. Northbound has seen empirically that people have a greater chance of succeeding in recovery if they can maintain those bonds. Northbound’s robust Alumni Association is a testament to this belief system. We host weekly meetings and plan regular fun events, allowing everyone to provide support to one another while on their recovery journeys.

500 clean and sober active former residents and clients in our Orange County, California Alumni Association.

Welcome to Northbound’s Alumni Program  

Early recovery is challenging. Northbound Treatment’s Alumni Association provides a safe and supportive environment that offers regular activities, events, and service opportunities. 

For more than 34 years, Northbound Treatment has treated thousands of men and women for addiction. Around 1,000 clients complete our treatment program each year, but their relationship with us doesn’t end when they leave our facility. We stay in touch with alumni members through phone calls, emails, text messages, and social media regularly. Once you are part of the Northbound family, your lasting recovery is our priority. 

While Northbound offers a full continuum of care through our Addiction Services and Treatment Programs, it is vital that relationships remain central throughout sustained recovery even upon your completion of one of our programs. Following up to your last day in treatment at Northbound, a member of our team conducts exit interviews to survey the complete satisfaction level, and also to connect recent participants who have graduated with a local alumni meeting, and to connect them with local Northbound alumni. Our commitment to our recent participants doesn’t stop there, our alumni director continues to check up on recent grads on a regular basis because connection simply put is ‘that’ important for sustained recovery. 

Benefits of the Northbound Treatment Alumni Program

While your family and friends will always be an integral part of your support system, the relationships made during treatment are also essential. Your peers from recovery treatment have a true understanding of your journey. At Northbound, we spend time bonding and having fun with our alumni family, and honor special occasions and sobriety milestones together.

Weekly Meetings

We host alumni meetings at our main facility in Orange County every Monday evening, and Friday morning where we often have lunch together following the meeting. Consider joining us as a guest speaker and enriching our weekly gatherings.

Family Support Program

We host a weekly Family Support meeting via Zoom every Wednesday evening to provide prevention, intervention, and support to families impacted by substance use and mental health disorders.

Monthly Adventure

Every month, we plan a fun adventure for alumni. Past events include indoor skydiving, K1 speedway racing, mini golf, go karts, bowling, camping trips, concerts, and movies on the beach.

Quarterly Alumni Birthday Celebrations

Family, staff, alumni, clients, friends all come together to celebrate our alumni reaching our mission—one continuous year of sobriety—and beyond, meaning multiple years of sobriety.

Ongoing Volunteer Work

Alumni are involved in community volunteer work, such as beach cleanup. Whether you provide a warm hello, a friendly face or a helping hand, just knowing you made a difference in someone’s life makes it all worthwhile.

“Sobriety is not something anyone can do on their own. I could have never gotten sober without a healthy and fostering community of people to build me back up when I was broken to the core. Northbound provided me with a safe place to teach me the tools to live a life of sobriety and instilled a sense of self-love that I didn’t know I had before.” – Tony M.

“After completing the program I can proudly say Northbound was an absolute blessing and truly saved my life. Each individual involved in the company from the techs to the case managers to the doctors had my genuine best interest in mind. Northbound gave me a reason to live again and I will forever be grateful and indebted to everyone in the Northbound Community.” – Jason J.

“Northbound helped me above and beyond what I had anticipated. I highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for treatment. I am still currently involved in their alumni community. They have amazing follow-up programs, which is something that has helped me tremendously. Next month I will be celebrating two years clean and sober, thanks to Northbound!” – Brynn A.

“Northbound is an incredible treatment center. Not only did they teach me how to get sober and stay sober, they helped me tackle my other problems as well and helped me become the best version of myself possible. I have so much love and gratitude for the staff that saved my life.” – Grace F.

“The alumni program continues to keep me connected to my fellowship of Northbound. Not only do we have fun events to do together monthly I have a firm foundation of sober friends. I am more grateful for the opportunities that Northbound has given me. I am sober, happy, and free.” – Haley G

Can I Be a Part of Northbound’s Alumni Program if I Didn’t Receive Treatment From Their Program?

Yes, Northbound has strong ties with the recovery community and prides on being a resource for anyone looking for a safe place to find fellowship and fun. Anyone who is in recovery or has a loved one in recovery is welcome to join our alumni meetings and activities.





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