Still Going Strong

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Last updated October 30, 2013

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It is my pleasure to report that, yes, I am still cigarette-free! Its been almost two weeks now, and I’ve learned a lot about my addiction to nicotine.

Instead of asking myself “what” I want, I am asking myself “why” I want it. For example, when I get a craving, I know I want a cigarette, but instead of just reaching for one, I just sit through the craving and bite the bullet. I know that it will pass eventually, because the reason I want the cigarette is because it’s a habit, not because I really need it. My mind was always pulling me the other way. Now, as I am still working to steer clear of cigarettes, I just remember the importance of the “what” and the “why” to keep me going.

I know people who have tried to quit smoking before and they’ve always recommended for me to try the patch, Chantix, etc. While I started chewing Nicorette, I still needed more than that. So, I utilized one of the many things that has helped me in breaking all my bad habits related to addiction – the 12 Steps.

Each one of the 12 Steps has applied to my journey to quit smoking in one way or another. For example, I know that I am powerless over nicotine, but that I don’t want it to have power over me. So I work hard to make it so I can overcome this power on a daily basis. I do the 12 Steps every single year to keep me firm in my sobriety, but this year it has truly helped me end my smoking habits.

I always say the Serenity Prayer in the morning, too. I read my Jesus calling book and meditate for five minutes daily, so I can reflect on what I am grateful and thankful for. This helps remind me of how blessed I am, and I use this motivation to keep me away from picking up another cigarette.

My wife Ashley and my family have all wanted me to quit for a long time, but I never wanted it for myself – similar to getting help for an addiction problem. I had to want it, and now I do. I still call my sponsor and have people hold me accountable so I don’t fall off track, but I can honestly say that now, I am doing it for me and my overall health and wellbeing.