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If your loved one is struggling with addiction, it’s important that they seek help as soon as possible. To help them recognize the severity and impact of their addiction, sometimes, it may be necessary to stage an intervention. During an intervention, you have the opportunity to show your loved one the consequences of their drug or alcohol addiction while encouraging them to seek help in the form of addiction treatment. If your loved one recognizes that they have a substance abuse problem and agrees to pursue treatment, then it’s important that you have a treatment center lined up for them as soon as they are ready to begin the recovery process.

First, it will be necessary for your loved one to undergo detox so they can taper off the substances they are addicted to and start working toward recovery. After detox, an individual usually pursues residential treatment. Northbound Treatment Center’s residential treatment program provides a safe and structured environment where individuals can learn how to live a life free of drugs and alcohol.

What is Residential Treatment?

In residential treatment programs, patients gradually regain independence, which can help them to better acclimate to stressors and triggers in the real world while maintaining their long-term sobriety.

Residential treatment programs at Northbound Treatment Center’s facilities in San Diego offer 24/7 support to patients recovering from addiction. Compared to other treatment options, such as intensive outpatient programs, residential treatment programs offer a high level of care to better support your loved one, which can be important for those in early recovery.

Patients enrolled in residential treatment programs, also commonly referred to as rehabilitation programs, live in the facility and must complete frequent drug tests in order to prevent relapse. With the support of doctors, therapists, and wellness staff, patients at Northbound Treatment Center in San Diego are in good hands.

When is Residential Treatment the Right Choice?

Residential treatment is often best for those with severe addiction who are especially prone to relapse or have co-occurring disorders, such as mental health issues. A safe and structured environment in combination with constant medical supervision may be exactly what your loved one needs in order to learn how to cope with everyday stressors and address any underlying mental health concerns.

Distance from Real-Life Stressors and Triggers

For patients who are especially susceptible to relapse, residential treatment programs can offer the necessary physical and emotional distance from everyday life to begin working toward recovery. Time away from their old habits and routines can give patients a new perspective. Recovering addicts value the opportunity to escape the toxic people, places, and situations that led them to abuse substances in the first place, giving them a chance to start fresh.

Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Patients with mental health disorders typically benefit from residential treatment options. Northbound Treatment Center provides a wide variety of services and treatment options for a broad spectrum of mental health issues, including emotional traumas, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, and more. A combination of behavioral therapy with a mental health professional and medication-assisted treatment is often ideal for patients struggling with addiction and mental illness. Dual diagnosis treatment targeted at both addiction and mental illness might be exactly what your loved one needs as they work toward long-lasting sobriety.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

Residential treatment centers offer a safe environment where patients can prioritize their recovery and sobriety. For those seeking treatment for substance use disorder, there are numerous addiction and mental health treatment options available to patients in Northbound’s residential treatment program. For example, as part of their individualized treatment process, your loved one can take advantage of experiential therapy. During experiential therapy, patients will have the opportunity to undertake a variety of outdoor recreational activities, like rock climbing, hiking, camping, and more. Equine-assisted therapy offers patients a chance to take care of and interact with horses, which can be both calming and healing. Patients can also embrace creativity and self-expression through art therapy.

At a residential treatment facility, your loved one can explore their interests, address any underlying mental and emotional health issues, and learn healthy coping mechanisms for managing stress and responding to real-world stressors and triggers. With the help and support of our addiction specialists, patients can begin the journey toward becoming the best possible version of themselves.

Finding a Residential Treatment Facility Near San Diego

If your loved one is struggling with addiction and is ready to seek help, consider Northbound’s residential treatment center in San Diego. Rehab could be exactly what your loved one needs in order to commit to long-term recovery. Reach out today for more information.

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