Our story began with a company wide commitment to corporate health - creating a place of work based on trust and safety, balance, authenticity and passion. Our singleness of purpose created an unparalleled culture.

Organizational health is our number one strategic initiative. Everything else falls underneath that.

- Mike Neatherton CEO

Our Values


We trust one another to make decisions through a common process


We treat everyone with love and understanding


We lean in to discomfort, innovate and take appropriate risks


We show up as our true selves


Take ownership and deliver results

Our Strategic Anchors

Northbound achieves success through focus, clarity and decision making around three stragtegic anchor: Our Clients, Our People and Our Culture.

Our Clients

Our only interest is the client's best interest. We achieve world class client engagement by offering clinical programs pioneered to disrupt the cycle of addiction.

Our In Vivo approach to treatment empower clients to foster a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle of recovery.

Our People

Embracing our company values, we respond promptly to client needs and strive to exceed client expectations in every interaction.

The belief that every client can achieve the Northbound mission compels each employee to focus on possibilities and eliminate obstacles.

Our Culture

Organizational health is our number one strategic initiative. It establishes the foundation by which we realize our mission, live our values, and pursue our vision.

By fostering an environment of trust and safety, coupled with a commitment to honesty and integrity, Northbound staff achieve remarkable results.

Our Promise

An opportunity awaits to improve ourselves by following the Northbound Compass.

We offer a transformational experience to everyone who interacts with the Northbound brand.

This is the NORTHBOUND experience.

Our mission is to assist our clients in achieving one year of continuous sobriety

- Mike Neatherton CEO