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Why Northbound Treatment Services

The Orange County coast with homes in the background.

Addiction recovery is a challenging and long-term process. It can be frustrating and even overwhelming at times, but it is absolutely worth it. Recovery and all of the life-enhancing promises it brings are possible and within reach! The knowledge and dedication of our staff sets us apart as one of the best rehab treatment centers in Orange County. The team at Northbound Treatment Services works with clients each step of the way, from detox through aftercare, supporting, empowering, and guiding them as they heal from the pain of addiction and build a flourishing lifestyle of recovery. Our mission is to assist clients in celebrating one year of continuous sobriety – we are here to cheer you on all along the way to this significant milestone and beyond!

Northbound Treatment Services recognizes the complexities that come along with treating addiction and mental health disorders and offers fully integrated treatment that is flexible and adaptable to each of our client’s individual needs.

Evidence-Based Practices for Treating Dual Disorders

Oftentimes substance use disorders are accompanied by one or more mental health disorders. These two (or more) conditions can become highly intertwined and have a significant impact on a client’s wellbeing and recovery efforts. At Northbound, we integrate evidence-based practices for treating dual disorders to provide clients with the most effective care possible. Every client undergoes a psychiatric evaluation as well as biopsychosocial assessment. This allows staff to gain a better understanding of how addiction and mental health have affected our clients’ lives, and to work collaboratively with the client on establishing an optimal plan of care.

Treatment modalities at Northbound include:

  • Psychology
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Experiential Techniques
  • 12-Step Model
  • Peer Support
  • Accountability Enhancing Drug Testing
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Individual and Group Therapies
  • Off-Site Recreational Therapy
  • Collegebound Program
  • Careerbound® Program
  • Music Program
  • Trauma Program

Through evidence-based practices and involvement in a full continuum of care, clients learn healthier coping strategies and build positive routines. They learn to work through challenges as they arise and develop a deeper understanding for their personal triggers. We provide support for our clients every step of the way as they progress through treatment and recovery and celebrate as they continue to gain more independence and confidence in themselves. By addressing dual disorders simultaneously, clients proactively reduce their risk for relapse and enhance their quality of life.

Start Your Journey to Recovery with Northbound

(866) 311-0003

Therapies & Modalities at Northbound

Northbound incorporates a wide range of therapies and modalities to address the diverse needs of our clients. Everyone responds in his or her own way to different approaches and clients can find what resonates best with them. They can glean insight from the different therapies and modalities used and are exposed to an array of evidence-based and well-researched practices.

The therapies and modalities used at Northbound are evidence-based and gender-specific and range from individual therapy and process group to mindfulness, expressive arts, and experiential therapy. These approaches are used in both residential treatment and outpatient programs to provide comprehensive care that meets our clients where they are at in their recovery. Clients are able to delve more deeply into underlying issues that affect their addiction and mental health to promote healing.

Real Recovery in Real Life: The In Vivo® Model

Woman attends one of the best rehab centers in California.One aspect of treatment that makes Northbound unique is our innovative In Vivo® Model. In Vivo® (or “in life”) care means that clients are afforded continual opportunities to practice the healthy coping skills they are learning in real life settings, and to engage in the real life activities, pursuits, challenges, joys, accomplishments, and setbacks, that will be present for them beyond their time in active treatment. By gradually and safely exposing clients to enhanced “In Vivo®” experiences, they gain more independence, increase their community engagement, develop the priceless virtue of self-efficacy, strengthen their resolve and skills necessary for sustained recovery, and develop a thriving and comprehensive lifestyle free from drugs or alcohol. As challenges arise, they learn how to deal with them in real time with support, guidance, and accountability from Northbound staff. As appropriate, clients shop for their own groceries, attend concerts and community events, go to school or work, and learn to live their life in the least restrictive environment. This eases the transition back into society and promotes the best possible chances for long-term recovery.

Unmatched Service from a Caring Staff

The staff at Northbound are passionate about empowering our clients to make positive changes in their lives and overcome addiction. Many staff are in recovery themselves or have loved ones in recovery, which helps them contribute to one of the best rehab centers in California.  While this firsthand knowledge and understanding of what clients and their families are going through provides valuable insights to the experiences of those new to recovery, all staff at Northbound are carefully selected for their passion for helping this population and their commitment to doing so.

Communication is a key part of treatment at Northbound and encompasses staff, clients, families, and other providers so that everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goals. The unmatched service from caring staff sets Northbound apart as one of the best addiction treatment centers and creates a welcoming and supportive environment conducive to recovery.

Our Family Program Helps Everyone Involved

Our clients are not the only ones affected by substance use disorders and mental health disorders. Family members are also affected. They often struggle with the consequences and emotions that accompany addiction and can benefit from compassionate and knowledgeable support. Each month, Northbound offers a four-day intensive family program that educates family members on the disease model and cycle of addiction, how to set boundaries, developing effective communication skills, and supporting their loved one’s and their own recovery. Northbound also collaborates with BIS, a program geared toward children ages 6-13 who have experienced addiction in their family system.  This program helps young family members process their feelings, learn coping skills, and mitigates the propensity for future struggles in these innocent youth.

Families receive regular communication and weekly updates on their loved one’s progress as well as compassionate, well-informed direction on how they can best support the process. Effective recovery involves the whole family – Northbound makes sure all are supported and involved.

See What Our Alumni Say About Their Experience at Northbound

The journey of addiction recovery does not end once a treatment program is completed. It is an ongoing process. Northbound has a very strong alumni community that is living proof that recovery and change are possible. Each week there are alumni meetings as well as assorted alumni activities throughout the year to promote long-term success.

Call Admissions for More Information and See How Northbound Could Be the Right Fit for You

Whether you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, it can be a confusing time. You want to find a program that can help you work through the challenges you are facing and create a sustainable and thriving lifestyle in recovery. Call admissions today for more information about the programs Northbound offers.

Start Your Journey to Recovery with Northbound

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